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Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good - Weekly Top 5

After last week’s top 5 was released one of our writers suggested we do articles on the top 5 team jerseys in BUAFL and BAFANL as well as the top 5 jerseys that need to be changed in BUAFL/BAFANL.

This week sees the first of our four part special with the top 5 BUAFL jerseys that need to be changed! Remember this is just for fun!

Firstly the teams who were unfortunate (or fortunate in this case) not to make the list, but still need a word with their kit designers.

Bath Killer Bees – A lot of people probably love the Bath jerseys, these people are likely Swedish, or work at IKEA...

You’d think that when a team was named after deadly insects they’d base their team colours around that insect, but instead they went with yellow and blue! Shame on them for going with their AU colours! With a predominantly yellow jersey, blue strips down both sides and one the top of the shoulders, Baths brightly coloured strip isn’t a favourite of the Dbl coverage crew.

 Northampton Nemesis- Once again we are criticising the Nemesis, but how can we not when their jersey is black with burgundy stripes down the side and trim, then to top it all off they decide to go with yellow numbers?!?

To find the reasoning for the interesting colour choices and after seeing their SU’s website, it seems that their Universities colours are burgundy and yellow, so where does the black come in? If the team had gone with the SU colours their jerseys would look like the Nottingham Caesars. Therefore the three different colour choices don’t work for this team.

5. NTU Renegades 

Photo courtesy of

NTU might be shocked to find themselves on this list, but come on guys...a bit of pink on the kit may be acceptable such as the logo on the back of the jersey but pink numbers? As well as a white stripe down the one side and another white stripe that continues around the back and front of the jersey. That’s enough to make it on our list unfortunately.

It’s like someone decided to add as much design as possible before deciding that it was a smart idea.

Fortunately for the Renegades their performances distract viewers from their jerseys.

4. Gloucester Gladiators 

Photo courtesy of

Sky blue background, dark blue stripes, horrendous font choice, different colours for the name and numbers and to top it off the university and team logos all over their kit. It seems that the designer decided to get as much stuff on the jersey as possible.

At least the team makes up for it with everyone wearing the same colour bottoms and socks, shame the bottoms are dark blue.

3. Derby Braves 

Photo courtesy of Ben Wood Photography

As one of our writers said “Derby’s kit is kind of rancid, almost Clemsonesque” This couldn’t have been more spot on if he tried.

Having a bright orange jersey is bad enough but then they decided to add blue sleeves, blue and white stripes with white trim. Their old black and blue jerseys were pretty decent so why did someone decide to change it? Hopefully it wasn’t the committee who will be forever remembered for the infamous “One team, One goal” video (HAS IT BEEN REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE?!?!?)

This horrendous kit earn Derby the number three spot.

1T. Huddersfield Hawks 

It seems as if someone from Huddersfield got the Derby Braves jersey and thought “how can we make this worse?” Well congratulations Hawks kit designer you succeeded! Not only do they still have the orange and blue colour combo, they’ve copied the Oregon Ducks and decided to add their own wings to the kit. Not small wings either, but full blown feathered wings that cover the whole of the sleeves. To top it all off, they also have the University of Huddersfield on the front of their jersey which is normal for most teams, but the Hawks have it at the bottom of the jersey underneath the numbers...

As the article is titled “Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good” maybe if Huddersfield changed their kit design they would stop being the whipping boys of the north.

1T. ARU Phantoms

Do the panthers not have enough players because their Uni finished early or did they not want to be caught out in public wearing their teams’ jerseys (even if it is only by a crowd of 20)?

Whoever designed this jersey must have been really annoyed with the team, a visionary of something that no one else see’s or was he/she just really high or drunk (or both)? With fire on the sleeves, (yes fire!) an awful font for the team name and what looks like two different logos above the fire, this jersey is without doubt worthy of the title of worse jersey in the league.

With a jersey design like this it’s no surprise the team has different helmets, bottoms and socks...poor show by Anglia Ruskin!

Be sure to tune in next week as we focus our top 5 on the best kits in BUAFL.


  1. The Derby University colours are orange, blue and white...

  2. Those ARU jerseys are old

  3. isnt it aru phantoms?

  4. ARU are the Phantoms, OBU are the Panthers...

  5. baths are university colours they used to be black and yellow but had to confirm with the rest of the uni

  6. the Derby AU colors are Blue and Orange... the jerseys are ordered through kukuri the sponsers

  7. That's what happens when I don't have the time to thoroughly edit a piece...

    Apologies for the mistakes that I have corrected!

  8. Huddersfield University colours are also Orange and blue... Not much choice!

  9. I love how people are defending it by saying "it's the university colours"...and? You don't have to use those colours in the most hideous combinations and styles known to man!

    Take Huddersfield for example, I'm pretty sure they used to play in a blue shirt with orange trim. It wasn't the most beautiful shirt in the league, but it was simple and did the job. EDIT: Just found it on Facebook. They seem to have had different combinations of Blue and orange in the last few years, but this years is by far the worst. See link below with for retro crappyness;

    Do the uni/SU order kit for you without consultation? I'd imagine not. Stop blaming the colours!

  10. As a former Hawks player (actually in some of those photos on Facebook modelling various degrees of terrible ball security!), I have to say that I'm not a fan of the new colour scheme.

    Nothing wrong with a really basic jersey with a simple combination of the uni colours.

  11. I love how you commented on Gloucester's kit being saved by everyone wearing the same bottoms and socks, when in the picture, that's clearly not the case...

  12. Bangor University colours are Red, Blue and Black. But the Muddogs play in GREEN AND GOLD BABE!!! American football isn't a BUCS team so we can wear whatever colour we like.

  13. are we getting a 5 best jerseys?

  14. The opening paragraph holds all your answers!


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