Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Austrian Football League Preview

Austrian Football League 2013 Preview

Here at DC towers, we like to broaden our football knowledge and coverage any way we can. With the BUAFL season coming to a close this Saturday it's time to take a dip into another league in Europe, the Austrian Football League.

Austria as a footballing country competes in group A (the top level) of the European Championships and naturally has one of the better senior leagues on the continent. The men’s league in Austria has four divisions, with the top division being known as the Austrian Football League (AFL) and containing six teams:

JCL Giants Graz - http://www.grazgiants.at
Swarco Raiders Tirol - http://www.raiders.at
AFC Rangers - http://www.rangers.at
Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna - http://www.raiffeisenvikings.com

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