Tuesday, 22 November 2011

NFL Week 11 Review

Last week Rich got 10-6 in his predictions and is gradually showing improvement week to week. Check out his predictions here and read on to see how he did.

Overall record = 19-11

NY Jets lost to DEN Broncos by 4

Original Prediction: We’re keeping the faith with Tim Tebow, Broncos to win by 6. 
This time around Rich wins through on Thursday night with another bet on Tebow to beat the Jets. Shoddy play calling on the final Broncos drive put the nail in the coffin for the Jets, who would be much better with a more efficient offence.

CIN Bengals lost to BAL Ravens by 7
Original Prediction: Ravens to win by 10. 
Again, not far off by Rich who outlined almost exatly how the game would pan out. Bengals could have done with AJ Green on the last drive to catch the clutch TD instead of seeing TE Jermain Gresham fumble the game away.

JAC Jaguars lost to CLE Browns by 4
Original Prediction: We’re going to say Jags to win by 7 
I will be honest, it was going to be hard to call the winner of this game regardless and the jags only lost because of a blown call on the goal line. Jags and Browns seriously need to re tool for next season.

CAR Panthers lost to DET Lions by 14
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Lions to win by 14. 
Probably the game of the week and Rich got it spot on. Stafford is making a habit of starting slow and finishing hot and this was the best example of that this season. Carolina continue to show promise and will improve next season with the return of star linebacker Jon Beason. On a side note the celebrations in this game were outrageous.

TB Buccaneers lost to GB Packers by 9
Original Prediction: Green Bay to win by 17.
The Packers defence started to show its weakness against the run, especially on THAT Blount run for a touchdown. However as long as their offence continues to put up huge numbers  the D can get away with having an off day. Tampa have all the potential in the world, but they need to start getting it together.

BUF Bills lost to MIA Dolphins by 27
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Miami steal it and win by 3.
Miami did more than steal a win, they outright stomped all over Miami. Matt Moore is doing his best Dan Marino impression and Reggie Bush seems to have found his mojo. Buffalo have folded faster than paper at an origami party and might regret giving Ryan Fitzpatrick that contract midway through the season.
OAK Raiders beat MIN Vikings by 6
Original Prediction: We like a weekly upset and we reckon it will come in this game, Vikings to win by 7. 
Maybe Rich doesn’t like his weekly upset so much anymore?? The Vikings have reason for hope next year as rookie QB Ponder continues to show promise regardless of turnovers. The Raiders look to have a real find in Carson Palmer and this can only make the Bengals happy with the guarantee of a 1st round pick if the Raiders make the playoffs.

DAL Cowboys beat WAS Redskins by 3
Original Prediction: The Cowboys to win by 10. 
The Cowboys need to figure out how to get the ball to Dez Bryant more consistently if they want to avoid winning games by the skin of their teeth. The Redskins appear to be more fluffy rabbit than angry rabbit http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2011112005/2011/REG11/cowboys@redskins#menu=highlights&tab=recap and really need to solve the problems at QB to compete in their division.

ARI Cardinals lost to SF 49ers by 16
Original Prediction: The 49ers to win by 6. 
Another dominating performance from the best defence in the league right now. Arizona never really got started and Coach Ken Wisenhunt placed the blame firmly on QB John Skelton. An easy pick for Rich to make.

SEA Seahawks beat STL Rams by 17
Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Rams to win by 7. 
Take away the Rams run game and they really struggle. Seattle are really good at stopping the run and have an under rated defence. All this added up to a Seahawks win and they obliged with a big win. Sam Bradford is well and truly in the middle of a sophomore slump.

TEN Titans lost to ATL Falcons by 6
Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Falcons to win by 6. 
Another spot on prediction for Rich, putting him at two for the weekend. The Titans have to have liked what they saw from rookie Jake Locker who threw for 140 yards and 2 TD’s after coming on in the 3rd quarter to replace Matt Hasselbeck.

SD Chargers lost to CHI Bears by 11
Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Bears to win by 10. 
So close to a hattrick of correct scores on the weekend! The Chargers are having major problems in their team, but this should come as no surprise seeing as they lost both coordinators in the off season. Bears will have to overcome the injury to Jay Cutler and will be hoping Caleb Haine can step up and the hand ball off to Forte consistently.

PHI Eagles beat NY Giants by 7
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Giants to win by 14.
The Eagles showed why it is important to have a solid back up that matches your starters skills with Vince Young leading them to victory over divisional rivals and keeping their slim playoffs hopes alive. Giants need to get over the jinx the Eagles have over them at home if they want to be serious playoff contenders in the future.

KC Chiefs lost to NE Patriots by 31
Dbl Coverage Prediction: Patriots to win by 14.
The Patriots defence is much maligned in pass coverage, but they are pretty strong against the run and stifled the Chiefs all day on the ground. The Chiefs started well and got after Tom Brady, but eventually the future HOF QB connected with Gronkowski and that was all she wrote.

Solid weekend for Rich with 10 correct predictions and 2 correct scores and is nearly .750 since we started. Not too shabby at all!

Overall record = 29-15


  1. Predictions have been hard this year, too many teams proving to be inconsistent.

  2. I agree! Most notably Buffalo, Dallas and Oakland seem to be the toughest to pick.

    In another forum I'm part of, my overall record is 110-50 so far.


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