Monday, 21 November 2011

BUAFL Power Rankings 10 - 1

Unlike our friends across the pond, this week’s college ball didn’t provide any shock results knocking the top seeds atop our rankings, but we expect to see some movement now that the bye weeks are over.

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (2-0)
No game for the #1 ranked team this week, sitting atop of the SEC with 110 points scored and only 15 points conceded. Unless Essex or Kent can spring a surprise when play Hearts, they should remain rooted to the top spot for a long time.

2. Portsmouth Destroyers (2-0)
Like the ‘Canes, the Destroyers were on a bye week and retained their spot in our power rankings. With three other teams unbeaten in the TVC, Portsmouth may have a fight on their hands to retain their conference crown.

Photo courtesy of Mike Hinton

3. Birmingham Lions (2-0)
A solid 54-0 victory for the Lions this week over second year team the Coventry Jets. From the sounds of thinks, as well as their offence posting big numbers, the Lions defence also had an outstanding performance by scoring two touchdowns and not letting the Jets offence get a 1st down all game.

4. Loughborough Aces (2-0)
Another MAC team to get a comprehensive victory this week, a 49-0 win over the Warwick Wolves keeps the Aces at number 4 for the third consecutive week. With the defence yet to concede a point and an easy schedule until they face Derby, the Aces shouldn’t be moving down any time soon.

5. Hallam Warriors (2-0)
I feel sorry for Hallam I really do, if I was playing for them I’d have been gutted that they couldn’t reach the three digit mark in the scoreboard (they won 97-0 if you didn’t know). With nothing to separate the top 5 teams on this list, the Warriors end up at number 5 due to the fact they have easier conference opponents in the Northern Conference.
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6. UWE Bullets
A good 13-0 victory over Bath sees the Bullets hold onto to the number 6 spot by their fingertips. With teams starting to show their dominance and rise up the charts, UWE will need to pick up their game if they want to win the SWAC and more importantly, remain in the #6 spot of our rankings.

7. Southampton Stags (3-0)
I’ll admit I didn’t buy into the Stags hype, but after giving up 48 to BNU they’ve only conceded 12 points combined against Reading and Brunel, winning 48-6 this week. I still don’t think they are as good as people are making out but if they continue to prove me wrong they I won’t be afraid to admit that they are better than I thought. 

8. Newcastle Raiders (3-0)
Newcastle are like Hallam, they put up big scores, don’t concede many points and unfortunately due to being based up north they get to dominate every team so they don’t look as good as the stats suggest. After a 38-0 victory this week, I still fully expect them to get a good seed in the national rankings so I’ll make a better judgement once they reach the playoffs, for now though they are our number 8 team in the country.

9. Kent Falcons (2-0)
If this was the BCS rankings then the number 2 seed in the SEC would be number 2 in our power rankings, unfortunately this is not the case. A narrow victory over Brighton Tsunami keeps the Falcons in our top 10 for another week.

10. UH Sharks (2-0)
Some people may disagree that the Sharks don’t deserve to keep this place as they had a bye and there are numerous teams tied for the Northern Conference lead. Eventually teams will start to filter out and I believe the Sharks will finish in the championship playoffs spot along with Hallam, big game against Leeds Carnegie next week which may alter the power rankings.

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