Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NFL Daily Digest: News and Rumour

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Right, back to the NFL. First off, thankyou Victor Cruz for saving my ass on Fantasy Football. Nine receptions for 157 yards and 2 touchdowns. Nice! However he was still on the losing team as the Gints (deliberate spelling mistake) flopped like Jerome Simpson to 3 straight losses.

Osi "made of glass" Umenyiora sprained his ankle in the game vs the Saints

Talking of Jerome Simpson flopping.. (video included in linked article)

Darren Shaper looks like he might retire. I think it's probably the sight of Marshawn Lynch doing the "Hold ma dick" celebration in last years playoff game that has caused this in some way. 

Stevie Johnson looks like he is going to get fined for his Plaxico Buress mocking celebration

But Burress is cool with the whole incident (a Jet taking the moral high ground, who would'a thought it) after Johnson apologised

Troy Polamalu's hair appears to have saved him from concussion as reports state he won't miss the game against the Bengals.

The Dolphins are being big meanies by not allowing backup Sage Rosenfail (deliberate spelling mistake again...) to join the Texans. Some Texans fans will think they are doing them a favour...

Sheepish Suh has called the commisioner to apologise for his behaviour in the nationally televised thanksgiving

The Vick, Maclin and Asomugha aren't practicing for the Eagles

Howard Eskin is reporting that the Eagle coaches were arguing about offensive play calling on Sunday night. Who can blame then, you have one of the best backs in the NFL, RUN THE BALL!!!

They train them young in Philly. 3 year old fan wants Andy Reid fired!

Darren Mcfadden looks like he might make a return soon (although the Raiders seem to be doing fine without him)

The holy glow of Sir Timothy of Tebow has taken the media glare away from the fact the Chargers have lost 6 straight since starting 4-1

Mike Shanahan has shocked everyone who has a Redskins running back in fantasy footbal by naming his starter!

Brandon Lloyd's 30th reception activated a clause in his trade from the Bronco's to the Rams increasing the cost to a 5th round pick.

Peter King has reported that Rodger Goodell would consider changing free agency and the trade deadline after all the excitement generated by this years  shortened free agency.

And that'll cover it for today!

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