Tuesday, 29 November 2011

NFL Week 12 Review

After last week’s 10-4 record in my predictions the NFL schedule increased to 16 games again as all of this year’s bye weeks are now complete. Read on to see how I did.

Overall record = 29-15

Thanksgiving Day Games 

GB Packers beat DET Lions by 12 

Original Prediction: The Packers are in for a fight on thanksgiving, but they’ll still win by 9.

My predictions got off to another good start with my prediction of the Packers winning on Thanksgiving. Despite the results this game will be remembered for the selfish behaviour of Ndamukong Suh stamping on a Packers player and deservedly getting ejected, poor judgement from the second year player.

Record = 1-0

MIA Dolphins lost to DAL Cowboys by 1 

Original Prediction: I’m 55-45% certain that the Cowboys will win due to the game being held on thanksgiving, so Dallas by 10. 

My score line may have been way off by my prediction of the winner was spot on. Once again Tony Romo made it hard for Cowboys fans to watch as he threw two early interceptions, fortunately the Cowboys were eventually able to pull off the victory with a Dan Bailey field goal in the closing seconds.

Record = 2-0

SF 49ers lost to BAL Ravens by 10

Original Prediction: One of the losing streaks is ending this week and it’s the 49ers one. Ravens to win by 4.

In the Bro Bowl the Ravens managed to win the TNF late game extending my prediction record but my score prediction was lower than the actual outcome. In a defensive dominated battle it was the Ravens D that ended up getting the better of the 49ers O line sacking Alex Smith nine times. A touchdown pass to Dennis Pitta from Joe Flacco would end up being the only offensive score of the game.

Record = 3-0

6PM GMT Games

MIN Vikings lost to ATL Falcons by 10

Original Prediction: Falcons to win by 10.
My first perfect prediction of the weekend! Matt Ryan and the Falcons took advantage of the beat up Vikings D to pass for three touchdowns on route to the win. The Peterson-less Vikings were unable to get a score until the third quarter, but by this time the game was all but over.

Record = 4-0

CLE Browns lost to CIN Bengals by 3 

Original Prediction: The Bengals to win by a comfortable 8 points.

Well this game was closer than I expected (Editor – what do you expect for an AFC North clash?), but fortunately the Bengals were able to get the victory as the Browns self destructed after leading by 10 at the half. Dalton, Benson and Green once again stepped up when the team needed them, to stay one game back against the Ravens and Steelers in the AFC North.

Record = 5-0

CAR Panthers beat IND Colts by 8

Original Prediction: Cam Newton Panthers to win by 12.

Another close prediction as the Colts blew their only chance of a victory this season. The two headed monster of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart combined for 139 rushing yards and two scores and gave the Panthers the win. At least future Colts player Andrew Luck had a good game against ND this week.

Record = 6-0

HOU Texans beat JAC Jaguars by 7

Original Prediction: Texans to win by 14.

Another easy prediction this week even if the Texans lost Matt Schaub. A bad game for both teams quarterbacks, as Matt Leinart ended the game standing on the sideline with his arm in a sling as he broke his collar bone and Blaine Gabbert eventually got benched in the 4th quarter for former starter Luke McGown (remember when they had a guy called Garrard?) Texans D continued to dominate with a total of seven sacks on the Jags QBs.

Record = 7-0

BUF Bills lost to NY Jets by 4

Original Prediction: Jets to win by 3.

Another close pick, this time being off the score by 1. The Jets may have got the victory but Steve Johnson definitely got the best TD celebration of the week (Johnson's TD celebration crashes and burns after shooting himself in the foot.). Burress and the Jets eventually got the last laugh as Sanchez threw the game winning touchdown with a little over a minute remaining to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Bills season is virtually over barring a miracle.

Record = 8-0

ARI Cardinals beat STL Rams by 3

Original Prediction: The Cards to pull out the victory and win by 6.

The perfect record continues! Another good prediction in a close divisional matchup from the NFC West. Beanie Wells ran for a career high 228 yards and Patrick Peterson returned another punt for a touchdown as the Cards edged the Rams in St.Louis. Hopefully the Rams can pick up another offensive weapon in the draft to help them become a playoff contender again.

Record = 9-0

TB Buccaneers lost to TEN Titans by 6
Original Prediction: Tampa to win by 6.

The prediction streak finally came to an end but I got the margin of victory correct...The Bucs did have a seven point lead heading into the final quarter but somehow they managed to blow the lead and lose the game (five turnovers doesn’t help). Chris Johnson once again showed glimpses of his performances in previous years, as he rushed for 190 yards to help the Titans pull off the victory.

Record = 9-1

9PM GMT Games

CHI Bears lost to OAK Raiders by 5 

Original Prediction: Matt Forte to lead the Bears (and my ff team) to a well earned victory, Bears to win by 7. 

Well, Caleb Hanie did manage to lose for the Bears even though everyone said he couldn’t with an intentional grounding to end the game (Someone might want to teach Hanie the rules of the game...). Sebastian Janikowski set a franchise record with six field goals to keep the Raiders ahead throughout the game until a Michael Bush touchdown finally sealed the victory.

Record = 9-2

WAS Redskins beat SEA Seahawks by 6 

Original Prediction: Seahawks to win by 5.

In the matchup of the QBs that everyone wanted to watch, my prediction was once again incorrect as the Redskins won this matchup that nobody will remember. Rex Grossman found Anthony Armstrong for a 50 yard touchdown and Roy Helu rushed for a touchdown to give the Redskins their first victory in seven games.

Record = 9-3

NE Patriots beat PHI Eagles by 18 

Original Prediction: The Eagles get Gronked! Patriots to win by 10.

Finally! My predictions get back on track as the Patriots blow out the Eagles and crush their playoff dreams for good. Tom Brady threw for three touchdowns, two to Wes Welker who somehow still manages to get wide open, even though he leads the league in receiving yards. Don’t let the fact Vince Young threw for 400 yards convince you that the Eagles should’ve won, these yards came with the Eagles playing catch up against a core of DBs that included wide receiver Julian Edelman.

Record = 10-3

DEN Broncos beat SD Chargers by 3 

Original Prediction: I’m sticking with the Tim Tebow project/Denver defence dominating but getting no love momentum and saying the Broncos to win by 3.

Another perfect prediction as Tim Tebow and the Broncos D got it done again! Using an offence that experts say (Editor – What do experts know?) won’t win you games in the NFL, the Broncos extend their win streak to four games and improving Tebows record to 5-1 as a starter this year. Remember when I said Rivers was over rated? With his team now on a six game skid, Rivers who managed only 45 more passing yards than Tebow even though he completed 10 more pass attempts is starting to show that he is still unable to lead the Chargers to the Superbowl that everyone always predicts...

Record = 11-3

1.20AM GMT Game

PIT Steelers beat KC Chiefs by 4

Original Prediction: Steelers to win by a landslide or more specifically 17 points.

Wow was this margin of victory way off. I underestimated the Chiefs D a week after getting blown out against the Patriots. Even though they won the game the injury to Troy Polamalu could alter the Steelers season and allow the Bengals to overtake them in the divisional standings. The Chiefs continue to suck, but with the pickup of Kyle Orton gives the Chiefs a number one QB to try and make their season respectable.

Record = 12-3

Monday Night Football

NO Saints beat NY Giants by 25

Original Prediction: As much as I believe in Eli the Saints have Drew Brees slinging it about therefore the Saints to win by 7.

Well that was an unexpected blowout! What a performance! Drew Brees and the Saints offence put on a clinic against a team that still have a chance of making the NFC playoffs. Eli Manning was once again let down by dropped catches to make his stats look worse than they are. Fortunately for the Giants they face Green Bay this week to get back on track...

Record = 13-3

A solid turn around after what I considered a poor week with 13 of 16 of my picks correct and two perfect picks.

Overall record = 42-18 (70%)

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