Tuesday, 29 November 2011

BAFANL Exclusive

Following on from our article on Coach Graham Kelly taking on the Head Coaching role at the Tamworth Phoenix yesterday, we secured an exclusive comment from the man of the hour.

Coach Kelly had this to say on his appointment:
"It is both an honour and a privilege to be given the opportunity to be the Head Coach of Tamworth Phoenix. In five years the Phoenix have enjoyed a meteoric rise from an affiliate team to genuine premiership contenders. The main reason for this achievement is the work put in by the four founding members, Jay Alexander, Ryan Baker, Dave Winter and Ed Winter. Without these four and their commitment to develop in the ‘right way’ this success wouldn’t have happened.
Despite this rise through the leagues, this team is still very much in development. This offseason the coaching and backroom staff will be working incredibly hard to improve the team in any way possible. We are looking at setting up new links with local universities, recruiting talented local rookies and expanding our coaching staff. 

However, the most exciting advancement this off season is the creation of a Phoenix development team. This will offer rookies and guys who are not quite ready to play in the premiership the opportunity to develop their skill set in a less pressured environment, whilst still playing Phoenix football.

Whilst reaching the premiership was a long term goal of the programme when it started, now we are here we are not going to rest on our laurels. This team is all about continued development and a commitment to winning."
We would like to wish Coach Kelly and the Phoenix all the best in the upcoming season!

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