Thursday, 17 November 2011

NFL Week 11 Predictions

A poor week for predictions by my usual standards, a few shock victories didn’t help, but I’m hoping to improve this week.

Last week’s record = 10-6

Overall record = 19-11

Thursday Night Football

NY Jets @ DEN Broncos
For two straight weeks I’ve predicted Tim Tebow to lead the Broncos to a victory and he has. The Jets defence is at its best when all of the DBs can shut down the opposing teams receivers, but with the Broncos offence no longer passing as often it will be interesting to see if the Jets can stop the Broncos rushing attack.

After their loss to the Patriots, the Jets really need a win if they want to stay in the hunt for the AFC East.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: We’re keeping the faith with Tim Tebow, Broncos to win by 6. 

6PM GMT Games 

CIN Bengals @ BAL Ravens
Oh Baltimore, one week you’re beating the Steelers the next you’re losing to the Seahawks! This week the 6-3 Ravens face the 6-3 Bengals to try and gain an advantage as they head towards the playoffs.

If A.J.Green is fully fit for this game then the Bengals offence should continue to click and could pose a problem for the Ravens D, but we think the strong defence will put too much pressure on Dalton and Co.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Ravens to win by 10. 

JAC Jaguars @ CLE Browns
Two of the worst teams in the AFC Jags and Browns get the opportunity to face each other in this battle for a 4-6 record (the loser will end up on 3-7). With Jacksonville scoring 10 touchdowns so far and the Browns only scoring 12, don’t expect a high scoring affair.

Hopefully if the Browns kicker gets a chance to win the game again, he won’t shank it into the fans…

Dbl Coverage Prediction: We’re going to say Jags to win by 7 

CAR Panthers @ DET Lions
In the first clash between the two QBs drafted number one we see Cam Newton take his Panthers to Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions. After both teams got blown out last week it will be interesting
to see how they respond. The Lions need this game more than the Panthers now that they are tied with the Bears for second place in the NFC North.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Lions to win by 14. 

TB Buccaneers @ GB Packers
 After last Mondays game against the Vikings, Aaron Rodgers all but locked up the NFL MVP title. Currently on pace to destroy every single season passing record (except interceptions), Rodgers has guided the Packers to 9-0 and their defence has only just started to play at a championship level...

After getting spanked by the Texans last week, the Bucs now have the honour of travelling to chilly Lambeau to face the red hot Packers...bad times for Tampa fans.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Green Bay to win by 17. 

BUF Bills @ MIA Dolphins
Not so long ago the Bills were on a two game winning streak and the Dolphins were on a long losing streak, how much difference a couple of weeks make. The Dolphins now look like a team that could cause an upset against playoff hopeful teams and with Reggie Bush running the ball well, the Dolphins shouldn’t be overlooked in any of their upcoming games.

For some reason the Bills seem to be going downhill since getting off to a 4-1 start and may end up missing out on the playoffs for the first time since 1999, that’s quite a long wait for the Bills faithful.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Miami steal it and win by 3.

OAK Raiders @ MIN Vikings
Was Carson Palmer really that good against the Chargers, or did the Raiders running game force the Chargers to try and defend the run first allowing Palmer to pick them apart? Facing the number 6 run defence it will be intriguing to see how the Raiders do against this defence, if the running game is shut down then Palmer will have to show if he’s as good as he looked last week.

Somehow the Vikings have managed to go from NFC Championship opponents against the Saints two years ago to a 2-7 team sitting as the basement team in the NFC North, with their season all but over at least the fans can look forward to Jared Allens pursuit for the NFL sack record.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: We like a weekly upset and we reckon it will come in this game, Vikings to win by 7. 

DAL Cowboys @ WAS Redskins
With the emergence of DeMarco Murray as a standout running back the pressure to lead the Cowboys offence has been taken of Tony Romos shoulders. A dominating win over the Bills last week has helped the Cowboys get back into playoff contention in the NFC.

The Redskins continue to suck and will suck until they get a decent QB...that pretty much sums up the Redskins of late.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Cowboys to win by 10. 

9PM GMT Games 

ARI Cardinals @ SF 49ers
So Arizona went and duplicated the 49ers performance against the Eagles by their own late 4th quarter victory, whilst the 49ers went and proved that they are a legitimate Superbowl contender with a victory over the New York Giants.

With Skelton leading the Cards offence the Kevin Kolb era may be over before it even began, currently on a 2 game winning streak and constantly improving the Cards may be turning around their season too late into the season.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The 49ers to win by 6. 

SEA Seahawks @ STL Rams
Both of these teams got victories over AFC North teams last weekend completing a clean sweep for the NFC West. Whilst neither team has found their groove and considerably under achieved this year, this game is purely for bragging rights, none of these two teams will want to finish of the worst conference in the NFL.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Rams to win by 7. 

TEN Titans @ ATL Falcons
Well the Titans proved me wrong when they went and dismantled the Panthers, will they do it two weeks in a row? Don’t bank on it (unless Mike Smith does something stupid again).

4th and inches on your own 29 in overtime? Don’t go for it, the Falcons may have completed two 4th downs in the 4th quarter but this is overtime against Drew Brees! Mike Smith dropped the ball on this decision and if the Falcons don’t make the playoffs look for this 4th down call to be one of the main talking points until next season begins.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Falcons to win by 6. 

SD Chargers @ CHI Bears
A huge victory for the Bears against the Lions last week shows that they have recovered from their poor start to the season; also someone else apart from Matt Forte finally had a big day to help the Bears win!

Unfortunately he was on the opposing team passing to the Bears D players.
The Chargers with a chance to cement their place atop of the AFC West blew it and may have ruined their whole season with that loss.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Bears to win by 10. 

1.20AM GMT Game 

PHI Eagles @ NY Giants
Dear NFL/ESPN/All other leading American football experts, congratulations on finally realising the Eagles aren’t a playoff team, yours sincerely, everyone who knew they weren’t a playoff team before the season begun.

After another loss the Eagles are all but out of the playoff hunt and now that Vick is hurt (again) we wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles continued to lose, the team is in total disarray at the moment. The Giants can sweep Philly with a victory this weekend.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Giants to win by 14.

Monday Night Football 

KC Chiefs @ NE Patriots
Once again the Patriots proved the doubters wrong with a comfortable victory over the New York Jets and with a very easy schedule (one team with a winning record remaining), the Pats should end up 13-3 and quite possibly hold the number one seed in the AFC.

The Chiefs lost to a team that completed two passes, yes two! The Chiefs up and down season will continue this week as they head to Gillette Stadium to face New England.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Patriots to win by 14.

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  1. guess your eagles prediction was rubbished then! lose by 14? haha did u not see the game at meadow lands last season, we love playing at the giants stadium, might aswell rename it financial field the 2nd! at the end of the day they don't know how to close out games, Eagles (4-6) have lost 5 games this year in which they have blew 4th quarter leads! if they hold on their 9-1 and the 2nd best team in the NFC! If this is something that they can turn around next year! Potential NFC Final Team!


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