Thursday, 17 November 2011

BUAFL Week 3 Predictions

Border Conference

Glasgow Tigers @ UWS Pyros
Granted, the Pyros were playing the Clansmen last week who are on excellent form, but the Pyros are still 0-1 and yet to score a point this season. The Tigers haven’t got off to the best start at 1-1 but with the 50-0 win they had over the Pyros last season, things look good for the Tigers this week.
Tigers to win.

Teeside Cougars @ Durham Saints
Neither team have won a game this season, however Durham got off to a better start since Teeside lost their first game 84-0. Look for Teeside to bounce back this week and try to make this a close game.
Teeside to win.

Newcastle Raiders @ Sunderland Spartans
The Spartans have had a good start to the season and are also playing at home, but there’s no overlooking the difference in these two teams with Newcastle easily within the top ten teams in the BUAFL.The Raiders haven’t given up a point this season and the Spartans will do well to break that streak.
Raiders by a lot

Edinburgh Predators @ Stirling Clansmen
Similar situation to the Raiders and Spartans; the Predators have got off to a good start but the Clansmen should take this easily.
Clansmen by a lot.

Northern Conference

Lancaster Bombers @ Sheffield Hallam Warriors
The Warriors are the comfortable favourites going into this matcharguably as one of the strongest teams in the league. The Warriors looked strong last week, not conceding and putting up 58 against Leeds who should’ve put up more of a fight. The Bombers have had a poor start to the season at 0-2 and will struggle this week as well.
Warriors to win.

York Centurions @ Sheffield Sabres
After Sheffield’s tight win over the Hawks at the end of last season, it was surprising to see them win 50-0 last week. They have come out strong this season with York having less convincing wins.
Sabres to win.

Bradford Bears @ MMU Eagles
Both teams are in their first season of BUAFL. With Bradford at 1-1 and having got points on the board against the Sharks last week, they look the better of the two teams.
Bears to win.

Bangor MudDogs @ Manchester Tyrants
After their winless season, Bangor have come out strong this season with two wins off the bat. The Tyrants have struggled in their first two games so it looks good for Bangor.
Bangor to win.

Liverpool Fury @ Leeds Carnegie
New-boys Fury will really struggle this week coming off their bye. Leeds are an established team and Liverpool just don’t have the experience yet.
Leeds to win.

Midland Athletic Conference

Derby Braves @ NTU Renegades
The Braves have had the better start to the season and have shown they can put numbers on the board.
Braves to win.

Birmingham Lions @ Coventry Jets
Birmingham are ranked third in our power rankings this week for obvious reasons. With Coventry yet to prove themselves this week, it has to go to Birmingham.
Lions to win.

Northampton Nemesis @ Worcester Royals
Royals are yet to win a game in their team history, however have been competing more as of late. This week may set the Royals back from their progression though, since the Nemesis are 2-0 and top of a difficult conference…for now.
Nemesis to win.

Loughborough Aces @ Warwick Wolves
The Aces have kept form even after losing Jason Scott as HC at the end of last season. They came out strong last week against the outlaws and will look to continue with their good form this week.
Aces to win.

South Western Atlantic Conference

Swansea Titans @ Tarannau Aberystwyth
Aber beat the Titans in their last meeting at the end of last season but not by a whole lot. Swansea are 0-2 but are coming off a disappointing loss to Exeter and should look to bounce back.
It’ll be close, but Titans to win.

Bath Spa Bulldogs @ Gloucester Gladiators
Either ‘Cuda have gone backwards since last year or the second year Bulldogs really stepped up. Either way, the Bulldogs put up a good fight against a team that was in the playoffs last year and Gloucester are yet to prove themselves with this being their first game of the season.
Bulldogs to win.

Cardiff Cobras @ Plymouth Blitz
Cardiff came away with the win over the Blitz at the end of the last season, however the Blitz put up a great fight against a strong UWE team in week 1 and the Cobras are yet to show their form this season.
Cobras to win.

Bristol Barracuda @ Exeter Demons
Bristol didn’t look as strong as was expected last week, which could just mean that the Bulldogs stepped up, although it’s probably a sign that ‘Cuda aren’t as strong as last season. This game could go either way but I still think Bristol come out on top.
Barracuda to win.

Bath Killer Bees @ UWE Bullets
UWE finished out last season strong and although Bath are playing well this season, nevertheless they will no doubt fall to UWE this week.
Bullets to win.

Thames Valley Conference

Surrey Stingers @ Royal Holloway Bears
Royal Holloway should get another win and go 2-1 this week from the look of the poor start that the Stingers have made this season.
Bears to win.

BNU Buccaneers @ OBU Panthers
BNU are currently 0-2 but don’t let this fool you. The Bucs put up 16 points against the reigning champs and scored 48 against the Stags in week 1 which was a tough loss. The panthers are 1-0 but haven’t been challenged this much this year.
Bucs to win.

Southampton Stags @ Brunel Burners
Stags were contended in week 1, but proceeded to put up a fairly convincing win against the Reading Knights in week 2. The Burners had a tough start to the season but held the Destroyers to 20 points in week 1 and then went on to put the stingers away easily in week 2. This should be a close game, but I give it to the Stags this week.
Stags to win.

Reading Knights @ Imperial Immortals
The Immortals have had quite an easy schedule so far and will be tested this week by Reading. Immortals have the better record and have been putting up more points than Reading.
Immortals to win.

South Eastern Conference

UEA Pirates @ LSBU Spartans
UEA Pirates scored 15 points against the Hurricanes last week, which they should be proud of since Hertfordshire look to be on top form this season and should look to bounce back hard this week when they come up against LSBU who have had a sketchy start to the season.
Pirates to win.

Kent Falcons @ Brighton Tsunami
Falcons got off to a good start against the Spartans and should take this one without too much effort. Tsunami will need to bring their A-game to compete in this game.
Falcons to win.

Kings College Regents @ Greenwich Mariners
Hurricanes opened their season by destroying the Regents 57-0 which can’t have left them in good spirits. Greenwich lost by only one point in their game against Essex, which they arguably should have won. Both teams have struggled in the league, but it Greenwich seem to be improving.
Mariners to win.


  1. Loving having a serious blog that helps me keep up with what is going on in the rest of the league this season.

  2. Derby have had the better start to the year.......
    NTU played Birmingham and Derby played Staffs.
    Is that way u mean?

  3. Hang on. you said that Immortals would lose. be honest if you are doing this!

  4. Changing predictions after the games have been played does nothing for your credibility.

  5. I'll hold my hands up to this.

    Mike and Rich both predicted Immortals would win, but I as final editor changed the prediction to Reading (I felt Reading were the better team).

    I changed the game back after an angry text message conversation after they had realised I had made tha change.

    If you want I have the original document they sent and can email it to you.

  6. I made the original prediction and it was changed during the editing stage without being told. I felt it was unfair that I wasn't consulted on this and asked for it to be changed back. To be honest, If it will cause issues then I can put it back to Reading. At the end of the day my predictions were 22-3. You can change that to 21-4 if it makes you happy but that's still better than the other predictions around the league...

    As Jon said, he or I can send you the original predictions if you want?

  7. Just sayin, LSBU! Who'd've thunk it...?


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