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BAFA Uni Football Week Seven Predictions

With the Winter break all but done, it's time to take a look at this weeks upcoming fixtures. As per usual, our team of minions have crossed the t's and dotted the i's before picking the winner out of a hat.

Also we're now including the team's rankings into our predictions.


No games!

Big North Western

Bangor Muddogs (0-3) v Hallam Warriors #24 (1-1)
Sunday marks the first ever meeting between these two sides, as the Warriors travel to deepest darkest North Wales, that’s if the weather doesn’t have the final say… again.

Bangor’s struggle with the elements have been well documented this season, it took until Week 3 to play their first fixture against Huddersfield. As a result the Muddogs now have an extremely congested schedule and are still searching for their first win of the season.

Meanwhile, Hallam have only won once this season, but  believe they can challenge for a spot in the playoffs with five games still to play. Postponed fixtures have allowed the squad time to gel and a win in Wales is essential if they are to feature in the postseason.
The Muddogs may have to wait another week to secure their first win of the season… Hallam by three scores

UCLan Rams #21 (2-0) v Staffordshire Stallion (1-3)
A tough game to call this week in Lancashire as the Stallions travel to the UCLan Sports Arena looking to bounce back from their 39-6 home defeat against the Sheffield Sabres last week. The undefeated Rams haven’t played a game since Week 3 are still a relatively unknown quantity.

The Rams have only managed to get one real game played thus far, but currently occupy third spot in the Big North Western with a 2-0 record, after they were awarded a 1-0 win over Manchester Tyrants and defeated the Eagles 12-0. A rescheduled game against Hallam leaves the Rams with six games to play in the New Year; they’ll be looking to keep that undefeated status intact on Sunday.

The Stallions suffered their third defeat of the season (39-6) in a snowy showdown with the Sabres last weekend. Credit to Staffordshire for getting the game on in such awful conditions, but they have now slipped to 1-3. Their solitary win of the season so far crucially came on the road, where they have yet to lose a game.
Rams by a single score

MMU Eagles (1-3) v Huddersfield Hawks (1-3)
It’s the battle of the birds this week as the Eagles welcome the Hawks to Manchester for a match which will give one side their second win of the season.

The Eagles opened the season with a slim 12-2 victory over Lancaster and since then have been unable to replicate that performance, losing to the league leaders Derby, UCLan Rams and Liverpool Fury.  Thus far, the Eagles have scored only 18 points in four games and conceded 111 points, not a formula for success and something which needs addressing.

Huddersfield’s final game of 2012 saw them lose by just two points to Liverpool Fury in a high-scoring 32-34 loss. They are a team in transition which under the tutelage of second year Head Coach Greg Boyland have come on leaps and bounds. The Hawks should be doing better than their 1-3 record and Sunday will give them that chance to build on their previous performance and improve their record.
Hawks by two scores

North Eastern

Leeds Carnegie #17 @ Teesside Cougars
After a long Christmas break, Carnegie will be looking to cement second spot (for now at least) with a win in Teesside on Sunday. However, with their offense only averaging 16 points per game, they will need to get off to good start. The Cougars may be winless, but always pose a threat and Carnegie will have to be careful. Expect a tough battle that Carnegie should get through with little discomfort.
Carnegie by 2 touchdowns.

Sunderland Spartans vs Durham Saints
If the Spartans can grab a win this week, and other results go their way, they still have an outside chance of playoff football. This is the perfect opportunity for Al Whitehead to inspire some confidence in his team, beat a much-improved Durham Saints side and begin 2013 winning.

Durham however won’t go down easily; they will look at this game as one they can possibly win, having already put up 22 points against the Mustangs. Sunderland should edge it and go 3-2 and into joint 3rd place.
Sunderland by 2 scores.

York Centurions vs Newcastle Raiders
The Raiders have been the biggest disappointment this season, going from 8-0 last year and already out of the playoffs with a 1-3 record. York have been unlucky, but played extremely well to beat Bradford and lost narrowly to Yorkshire rivals Carnegie. Newcastle can score; we know that; but York’s run defence could be the difference here.

With home field advantage the Centurions will be looking to exploit Newcastle’s weaknesses. We don’t rule out seeing York in yet another close battle, with the strong possibility of another overtime scrap.
York by a whisker.


#1 Birmingham Lions vs. Northampton Nemesis
With the winter conditions forcing this game to be moved to the Lions’ home field, the advantage held by the country’s top side gets just a little greater in what is sure to be an emotionally charged encounter.

For Northampton, Sunday sees the first game since the tragic loss of their coach Jay Dhesi, and the Nemesis will certainly be hoping to channel their emotions into a positive performance against the MAC powerhouse.

#1 Birmingham will have to see off ring-rust, complacency and a wounded opponent, but should do without breaking too much of a sweat.
Birmingham by 35

#22 Warwick Wolves vs. DMU Falcons
What did the Falcons ask for from Father Christmas? Something – anything – to go their way. Not a single point was scored by DMU in the first half of the season, and although that may change on Sunday, their recession to an 0-8 record will surely continue.

Warwick have a lot going for them, and will be hoping that an unexpected result somewhere along the line will open the door for them to sneak into post-season contention.

This is a perfect tune-up game for the Wolves ahead of their swing at the big boys, and should see them notch a comfortable victory.
Warwick by 35


Worcester vs. Swansea
The 0-3 Royals take on the 1-3 Titans, in a game that will hopefully kick off 2013 in the SWAC after last week’s snow-blighted cancellation fest.

Worcester continue their noble quest to notch up their first win, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I don’t think it will come this week against a challenging Swansea team.

Swansea’s 1-3 record doesn’t look too good on paper, but when you consider that two of those losses came to the big dogs of the conference and the other was a narrow defeat to Gloucestershire, it is quickly apparent that the Titans are one of the stronger teams in the bottom half of the SWAC.

I can see Swansea advancing to 2-3 this week, and Worcester will remain rooted to the bottom of the conference.
Swansea by 14

Bristol vs. Exeter
The pick of this week’s SWAC games sees the 2-1 Bristol Barracuda face the 1-2 Exeter Demons.
Bristol started the season well with two wins, but when faced with a playoff-calibre team in the form of Plymouth, they capitulated to the tune of a 50-burger.

Have the coaching staff managed to boost morale over Christmas? If not, then they could face great difficulties in this fixture.

Exeter are almost an unknown quantity, losing to the unfancied Cardiff Cobras before almost stealing a win over UWE. They are better than their losing record suggests, and a big win here would put them right back into the SWAC playoff picture.

Many unanswered questions here, but I see the Demons coming out on top.
Exeter by 10


Brunel Burners vs. Reading Knights

Brunel are getting better as the year progresses. Reading however are trying their hardest to undo the reputation they built up the last few years. They only managed to score in 1 of their 3 games.  But that was against Surrey. That doesn't count. Scoring 39 on Surrey is like playing musical chairs with yourself.

The key here is Orion Modebe.  He was injured before Christmas and didn't participate in the GB trials. I know Brunel will say they have a conveyor belt of RBs, but he does make a difference.  I'm going to assume he spent Christmas in an oxygen tank.
Brunel by 25

Oxford Lancers vs. RHUL Bears
This should be a good game for spectators new to BUAFL, who maybe haven't seen football in real life before, or watched a game on TV, or played it on the PS3. Oxford might have been able to score a disgruntled nerd or two to play Corner, meaning they will complete this game.  Holloway's target is to keep it under 40 flags a game.  Someone has to win this game, surely.  Wait. No they don't.  Tie.
A 6-6 tie...

Brighton Tsunami vs. #12 Portsmouth Destroyers
This weekend will be a rude awakening for the undefeated Brighton Tsunami. They are 3-0, but when you take a look at their results they have 3 unconvincing wins. Portsmouth however have knocked off some quality opposition.

Brighton have a big QB with a decent arm and if he can get the long passing game going they might be able to hang with Portsmouth.  The winner takes a control of the pack behind Southampton and their Championship destiny is in their own hands. The loser will be fighting for a seeded spot in the Challenge.
Portsmouth by two scores

ARU Rhinos vs. Canterbury Chargers
ARU got their first win ever against the Mariners before Christmas, however I don’t think they will carry forward their winning ways into 2013. Canterbury are a strong 1-3 team, with some decent talent at the QB position.
Canterbury by 3 scores

Greenwich Mariners vs. LSBU Spartans
LSBU as we have outlined before have gone through some major changes in their coaching staff this off season, and having not won a game yet can’t be good for their self-esteem.

However, two of these losses were against currently unbeaten teams, and one of those is the current national champ. I expect the Spartans to roll over the seemingly struggling Mariners.
Spartans by 3 scores


  1. Mariners to lose? Really.

  2. Hallam @ Bangor is off

  3. What has happened to your Brighton Tsunami vs. #12 Portsmouth Destroyers prediction??? I just heard that Tsunami destroyed Portsmouth, swept past them, makes it 4-0 now...

  4. 'This weekend will be a rude awakening for the undefeated Brighton Tsunami'

    Rude awakening for Porstmouth more like...wheyyy!

    4-0 baby...take that Dick

  5. 'This weekend will be a rude awakening for the undefeated Brighton Tsunami'

    Rude awakening for Porstmouth more like...wheyyy!

    4-0 baby...take that Dick

  6. 'This weekend will be a rude awakening for the undefeated Brighton Tsunami'

    Rude awakening for Porstmouth more like...wheyyy!

    4-0 baby...take that Dick


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