Wednesday, 29 May 2013

National League Power Rankings Week Seven

1. Chester Romans (3-0)
Again, no game for the Romans this week. They’ve gone from dark horses in the division to one of the favourites now, can their young team handle the pressure? We’ll see come the 9th June as they head to Merseyside to take on the high flying Nighthawks.
2. Bedfordshire Blue Raiders (4-0)
The Blue Raiders remain undefeated with a 44-6 win over Maidstone. Other teams have put more on the Pumas and those six are the first the team have scored in four games but Bedfordshire are looking convincing early on. Can they keep up the undefeated run?
3. Solent Thrashers (3-0)
Solent beat last week’s number 10 team, the Gloucester Centurions, 26-19 to cement their place in the top three of our Power Rankings. The newly rebranded Thrashers have made a solid if not overly impressive start against some tough opposition but they’ll be happy to continue their unbeaten run. Next up they host Farnham who they beat convincingly 24-6 in their first game.

4. Colchester Gladiators (2-0)
Again no game for the Gladiators this past weekend. They head to the Watford Cheetahs this Sunday coming to take on a Watford side that has made a solid start to the year. Can they hand around in our top 5?
5. Merseyside Nighthawks (2-0)
Merseyside might think themselves unlucky for not moving up after a 65-0 win over Lincolnshire but with teams winning or not playing above them it was hard to do so. However it’s a massive plus for the Nighthawks. I saw them play live several times last year and the potential was definitely there but many rookies filled the roster. This year it seems that they have clicked as a unit. Keep it up Nighthawks!
6. Gateshead Senators (2-0-1)
Gateshead haven’t played this week and stick around at number six. A little bit of a big one this coming Sunday as they head to local rivals, the DC Presidents, who top the division. Can the Senators put that resilient defence to work and come away with a win?
7. Glasgow Tigers (2-0-1)
Again, no game this weekend. The Tigers are fending off fellow North Division team, the DC Presidents in the Power Rankings, who they don’t play until the end of June. Will they still be here by then? Next up is the Edinburgh Wolves just shy of a fortnight away.
8. Shropshire Revolution (3-1)
No game for the Revs and they too are fending off DC in our Power Rankings. They have Crewe away next before a tough run of Manchester, Chester and Merseyside one after the other. It’ll be hard for a team who are in transition but the Revolution have the talent and the mettle to grab wins and stick around in our Power Rankings at least for a little longer.
9. DC Presidents (2-0)
DC may feel hard done to by not moving up in our Power Rankings and probably would if their 56-18 home win had come against anybody other than Dundee, and that is no disrespect to the Hurricanes but they’re having a tough start to the year. Next up for the Presidents is Gateshead at home, a game that’ll pack some venom. If they win that they’ll be moving up for sure.
10. Bristol Apache (3-1)
Somewhat at a loss as to who to put at number 10 in our Power Rankings after the Centurions lost to the Thrashers but the Apache have started the season well, including a very impressive 37-3 win over the Cornish Sharks this weekend. Their only loss came to the team they replace on these rankings, but that is not to say that they don’t deserve to be here. Next up they visit the Bournemouth Bobcats and then the Sharks again before a massive two month wait. Then they have four games in a row to finish the season. Well played with those fixtures League officials!

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  1. Shouldn't centurions be number 10 not apache; since it was a very close game between solent (ranked 3) and centurions and they are the only team who solent had to fight to get back in the game. And centurions beat apache by significant difference


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