Friday, 9 December 2011

BUAFL Game of the week Derby Braves @ Loughborough Aces

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A return of the Game of the Week (sadly just before the Christmas Break) after a short sabbatical following the release of the BAFANL re alignment, which pretty much took up all our time!

we pick up where we left off in the MAC, with a top of the table clash between the high flying Loughborough Aces and the hard done by Derby Braves.

Having started the season well with big wins over Staffs and DMU, as well as a tough game against the NTU Renegades Derby were part of what will be considered one of the more controversial games of the season. With an injury to a Nottingham player in the 3rd quarter the game had to be stopped to allow the ambulance to return. Over an hour later and the game was called with no ambulance in sight, the victory awarded to the Outlaws who held a 9-7 lead.

This game is still contentious with Derby asking for a replay and challenging the final ruling from BUAFL (their website still doesn't acknowledge the loss) and Braves HC John Stevenson will be hoping that doesn't act as a distraction for this huge game.

Derby QB Joe Brammer had this to say about the game ahead:
"We were really unlucky last week, we've put in a lot of hard work on both sides of the ball and this is our latest challenge. I think we've got a really strong defense and a dynamic offense. I'm really pleased to be playing with the Braves and after Sunday I think we will be able to move up the rankings and show the country how good we really are"
In contrast to Derby's tumultuous start of the season Loughborough has been perfectly serene. Cruising to wins over Nottingham, Warwick, Staffs and Coventry and only conceding 6 points on the way Loughbrough look ready for another tilt at the title game.

Behind the strong running from their star RB Adam Hope out of the pistol offence, the Aces will be looking to get ahead early and let their vaunted Defence tee off on Derby. We think this game will be more of a struggle for Loughborough than their previous games this season, but with the distraction and dissapointment of last weeks game still raw for Derby the Aces will get the W and start thinking of Birmingham in the new year.

Dbl Coverage predicts: Loughborough to win by 21


  1. Both teams have a very solid set up and excellent defensive coordinators, I recon this is going to be high impact, low scoring physical game and the team to win will have to really bring down a bulldozer on the other to win this brawl of a game.

  2. great prediction!! i thought you would be wrong and it woulbe be a bigger lufbra win so well done.

    one problem though

    I hate the nottingham sides as much as anyone but I wouldnt say that the outlaws beating derby was controversial. the rules are clear and if as you say they wated an hour for an ambulance then the refs are perfectly within their rights to call the game regaardless of who was winning. not complaining like because a derby win would have benefited us more, but I haven't really understood all the furore about it all.


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