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James Goddard’s Protein Project – Voting Time


I have now come to the end of my Maximuscle Protein Project  12 week training programme. It has been an incredible experience and I have to say, I’m gutted it’s over. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been given this chance and have given everything I could for the full 12 weeks. I hope my results will reflect my effort. The journey, however, is not over. Voting closes tomorrow (Wednesday 8th May) and I need all the votes I can get, to win. I don’t want my Maximuscle journey to be over, I would love the opportunity to become an ambassador and educate others, with hectic work-life schedules, on how to start and get the most from their training.

Please vote for me here: www.facebook.com/maximuscle
Right, self-promotion over, let’s get back to the interesting stuff. The whole purpose of my last week of the Protein Project was to lean up as much as possible while maintaining and even pushing the intensity in the gym. The aim is to get into the leanest condition with the most balanced diet possible.

I needed to get lean for the ‘Final’ shots. This is something cover models will do regularly to ensure they are in the best shape possible when they get in front of the camera. However, there are a lot of bad practises that have gone horrendously wrong for people in the past and my Maximuscle nutritionist, Sharmain Davis, and trainer, Rich Tidmarsh (Reach Gym, Clapham), were keen to keep a healthy balanced diet but reduce my calorie intake a little further to 2,300kcal.

The focus was put on conditioning and an extra cardio session was added to my training programme. From this, and the reduced calorie intake, I saw some big differences in my body and now I am really leaning up for the final stages.

So how does my leaning and conditioning training relate to your football performance? Well now that the football season is in full swing your focus needs to change to maintaining your fitness levels and conditioning your body to prevent injury. The usual sprints and shuttle runs will not be developing your game as much as it did in pre-season, not to mention they may be getting a little boring, so it’s time to mix it up.

I have a mini circuit that you can add to the end of a workout that will give you a good 20 to 30 minute whole-body fitness and conditioning tune up. Think of it in a game-play situation, if you can play at a higher intensity for longer than the guy next to you, you will be a more effective player.

Killer Conditioning
6 exercises x 30 seconds, repeat 3 times. Do as many, go as far or fast as you can in the 30 seconds. If you need to rest, take 1 minute between sets.
·         Rower (high resistance)
·         Squat thrusts
·         Whatt bike (high resistance)
·         TRX upright Row
·         Versa climber
·         V-Up / sit up cycle

If you do not have access to a gym here is an equipment-free variation:
·         10 burpees
·         10 v-ups
·         10 squat jumps
·         10 press ups
·         10 sprints

Both of these sessions will send your heart rate through the roof and are brilliant at not only improving your fitness but promoting fat burning.

Something that I have been trying recently is to combine different forms of protein, which absorb at different rates, in my post-workout shake. The idea is that this can help the body to build and repair muscle for longer. It is a relatively new idea, as before you took either a quick release or slow release protein, but one well worth trying. Therefore try and blend your normal post-workout protein shake with a slow digesting protein. At the moment I use Cyclone and Casein together.

Then British Season is now in full swing and some big games are already showing how the senior league is getting more and more competitive. It seems that every year the senior league sides are stronger and better drilled teams.  It was a shame to see my old team, the London Olympians, lose to the London Warriors; a match-up that is sure to become an ever increasing rivalry in the Premiership South Division. Also a tough loss for the British powerhouse, the London Blitz, losing by just 2 points to Copenhagen. Now out of the European league the Blitz will no doubt focus all their efforts on the domestic title and to defend their title as British Champions.

Best of luck to all teams playing this weekend.

Finally, it’s been a pleasure working with the guys at Double Coverage, I’ll be back again after the results night next week to tell you how I fared. In the meantime, please vote for me so that I can come back with good news: www.facebook.com/maximuscle

Check out my results:
James Goddard

Week 1
Week 6
Week 12
Muscle Mass (KG)
Fat %
Waist (cm)
3 rep max dead lift (KG)
3 rep max Squat (KG)
3 rep max bench press
Max pull ups (to fatigue)
Plank (time to fatigue)

You can still get in touch with me on Twitter: @James_ProteinP. I look forward to hearing from you.
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