Monday, 13 February 2012

BUAFL Week Nine Power Rankings: Rankings 16-25

 *Sigh* I don’t know about you guys, but all of us at Double Coverage are fed up of the damn snow! For the second week straight a lot of the weekend’s games fell victim to the weather, but we still had enough games go ahead to cause some moves on our power rankings!

Anyway, onwards to the rankings!

16. Stirling Clansmen (4-1)
We’re kick starting our rankings with a riser as the Clansmen move up a spot this week. With a comprehensive 58-0 victory over the Pyros, Stirling are now sitting pretty at the number two spot in the Borders conference (despite losing to Glasgow earlier in the season…) with their superior points scored compared to the other teams.

17. Northampton Nemesis (4-0)
I thought we’d get the controversy out of the way early as we find the Nemesis moving up two spots this week, despite not playing a game this weekend! The reason for them moving above Derby is revealed in the Braves review, but another reason for the rise is the Imperial loss to Southampton! Although they may not have played in 2012, confidence still seems high with people involved with Northampton and now the real test begins as they take on an established Warwick Wolves team.

18. Derby Braves (3-2)
People may be questioning why we left the Braves at the number 18 spot and put the Nemesis above them this week. There are rumours coming out of the Braves team that the team is starting to get crippled with injuries. It seems like it could be an uphill battle for Derby for the rest of the season. With the game against Birmingham being postponed, the Braves can now turn their attention to a York team who are somehow 3-1 despite scoring 28 points and conceding 57…

19. Plymouth Blitz (4-2)
One of the in form teams in the country move up a spot this week despite not having a played a game. Currently on a four game winning streak, Plymouth now have to wait until the 22nd of February for their next game. With such a long period off between games, will the Blitz be able to continue to hot streak?

20. Leeds Carnegie (3-1-1)
Oh baby did Carnegie come back into a rankings with a dominating performance! Not only did their offence score double digit points on a much improved Bangor defence, the Carnegie defence continued to show why they are considered the best defence in the Northern conference (if not the country) by being the first team to shutout the Bangor offence this year!

21. Imperial Immortals (3-2)
Last week it was the Destroyers falling in the rankings, this week it’s the Immortals. After suffering a 23-0 loss at the hands of Southampton, Imperial drop to 3-2 for the season and more importantly drops the Immortals down to the number five spot in the TVC behind Reading. Imperial host Brunel this weekend and they will try to put their loss behind them and get back into the playoff race.

22. Essex Blades (3-1)
It seems quite a while since the Blades last played a game as they, like many of the other teams in the SEC, are still yet to play a game in 2012. With other teams around them in our power rankings playing games, Essex are remaining in the 20+ section for another week, but will have to put in a performance in next week’s game against UEA. Hopefully this will go ahead as it could potentially knock one of these teams out of the playoff hunt!

23. Exeter Demons (3-2)
According to “sources” on the Unofficial Forum, the Demons game against Bath has been declared a tie! If this turns out to be the case, Exeter may be off our power rankings next week (playing UWE as well doesn’t help).  Fortunately for Exeter, with UWE beating Bristol, a loss this weekend to the Bullets wouldn’t stop the Demons from being in the playoff hunt at the end of the season.

24. Northumbria Mustangs (4-1)
For the last few weeks, Northumbria has been hanging around the 22-25 mark in our power rankings. After a win over Edinburgh they maintain their spot, but with a number of the teams above them in the rankings still to face each other, Northumbria may jump up our rankings in the foreseeable future.

25. UEA Pirates (3-2)
Clearly all of the teams in the SEC with winning records have decided to stop playing football in 2012 as the UEA Pirates are another team from the conference who haven’t played a game this year. With so many teams not playing at the weekend, the Pirates keep their place in our top 25 for another week!

Stay tuned for Part two of the rankings!


  1. Plymouth Blitz next game is not 22nd March but 22nd Feb

  2. why you got derby so high? they ain't going to make the play-offs! five teams in the mac have more chance of being post-season, you're going with derby cos they beat up on poor teams. lost to nottingham, lost to loughborough, will lose to birmingham - season over, bye bye braves!

    1. Did not get beaten by the Outlaws, the game was awarded after 5 minutes of the second half. Braves would have won that game and would love another match against the Outlaws who are cowards for not replaying it, no surprise there though.

    2. Im confused, league records say you lost?? isnt a game being awarded the same as losing?

    3. plus if that is the rules why would they replay it?? would you replay a game you won under league rules??

    4. you have no idea what you are talking about braves have a good chance

    5. really?? will be on three losses, while one of the nottm sides should be on two and northants could be on one or no losses. they have head to head over ntu but not over nottingham. chance of making playoffs look slim id say

    6. Funny, all I see is that Derby have a 2 in the loss column so that means they MUST have lost to Nottingham, right?

  3. DOesnt take into account teams who are good but lost some early games. BNU has the 8th ranked offence behind Birmingham but doesnt get a mention in the top 25.


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