Friday, 14 December 2012

NFL Predictions: Week 15

Another very average week with a few upsets and a few silly calls. With just 3 weeks left of the regular season I could do with some big results to get my record into better shape.

Week 14 = 9-7

Overall = 131-78

Thursday Night Football

Bengals @ Eagles
Interesting one as one of these teams won and one lost, but not the way round many expected. Whilst the Bengals failed to win against the Cowboys it was still close, and whenever you have a team pushing for a WC spot this late on you have to back them over one who’s season is all but meaningless.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Bengals by 7

Sunday Early Wave

Giants @ Falcons
Eli late on in the season, as the underdog, against a team that just lost to the Panthers, with everything on the line for NY? As much as dislike the man, I can't not pick him here.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Giants by 3

Broncos @ Ravens
Tough one as I still think the Ravens are a quality side, and can give anyone a run for their money at home. Peyton though is a cut above, and it's very hard to not go with Denver with the form they're in. I'll double down on the brothers Manning.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Broncos by 3

Packers @ Bears
The Pack demolished Chicago earlier this season. Even away and with a few injuries I don't see the record being changed here, especially after the Bears just lost to the 
Vikings, and the Pack comfortably handled their own divisional game.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Packers by 10

Redskins @ Browns
The 'skins are playing some great football right now, and whilst I like the Browns to make this competitive I think they should manage a TD’s berth.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Redskins by 7
Colts @ Texans
I'm not as hot on Luck and Indy as the rest of the world seems to be, and they are clear underdogs here. However, Houston just lost big so it could be closer than the bookies are predicting.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Texans by 7

Jags @ Dolphins
The Jags just lost to the Jets, and Miami should make it two AFC East losses in a row for Jacksonville.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Dolphins by 3

Buccaneers @ Saints
Tricky one with both teams coming off tough losses, but one team still has a chance at the post-season and the other doesn’t, so I’ll stick with my logic and go with Tampa.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Buccs by 3

Vikings @ Rams
AP is an absolute beast. I can only see one winner here, even if the Rams have hit a mini vein of form. Let’s see if Ponder will make it another straight game where his RB gets more yards than he throws for.

Dbl Coverage Prediction:  Vikings by 7

Sunday Second Wave

Lions @ Cardinals
The Lions have been struggling to win games of late, but haven't been playing terrible football. The Cardinals, on the other hand, have the worst offence in the league right now, and Skelton has a QBR of 0.4 against the Seahawks. Yep, you read that right.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Lions by 10

Seahawks @ Bills
After an epic blow out of the Cardinals I've got to ride with the Hawks, surely even a cross country trip can't slow down this freight-train?

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Seahawks by 7

Panthers @ Chargers
Winning at this point really just increases the slim chance of Norv keeping is job. I almost want them to lose, but can see SD grabbing a tight victory and ultimately finishing 8-8, missing out on the playoffs on a tie-breaker just like last year.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Chargers by 6

Steelers @ Cowboys
Interesting match-up, and I'm undecided here. The Cowboys are on a hot streak, but surely it's just a matter of time before they shoot themselves in the foot? The Steelers just got beat down by the Chargers (lol) so it should be another even encounter. I'll side with the home team but with some huge reservations.

Dbl Coverage Prediction:  Cowboys by 3

Chiefs @ Raiders
An extremely un-sexy affair between two of the worst in the league. I'll go with the hosts by a 59 yard Janikowski special, but it could tip either way.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Raiders by 3

Sunday Night Football

49ers @ Patriots
Tough one to call, this should be a thrilling encounter not to mention a potential SB preview. Two big games in as many weeks is hard to prepare for, and I like the match-up SF give the Patriots... but they sure did look confident in their win over Houston. Very hesitant to call this one.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Patriots by 7

Monday Night Football

Jets @ Titans
Who knows who is going to win this 'prime-time' game, all I know is nobody will be watching.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Titans by 3

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