Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Midweek BAFA Uni Predictions

With one game remaining in the league before the Christmas break, we bring you our final BUAFL predictions for 2012 as Willy Tee goes against Tommy Gee. Close person to the final score wins nothing, but he doesn’t like friendly competition?

First up, Tommy Gee...

Wolverhampton Wildcats @ Loughborough Students
Still only one game played for the Wildcats, who are having one of the most lack-lustre debutant seasons in recent memory. Things don’t look to be getting any easier for them with a brutal match-up versus the ever-dominant Loughborough in a mid-week Wednesday show down.

The home side meanwhile are coming off a surprisingly competitive encounter with the Northampton Nemesis, conceding their first points of the season to boot by going 6-0 down before recovering to a 37-6 victory.

Despite (by their standards) a slightly below average performance last week, this game is going to be about as one sided as we’ll see all year. If played, we can expect a score-line verging on triple digits, so Loughborough will no doubt use the opportunity to get their backups and rookies valuable experience. It wouldn’t be at all shocking if this game was forfeited after the first half, but here’s hoping Wolverhampton dig deep and see it out, proving to the league they can hang in there with the big boys even in the face of almost certain defeat.

Loughborough 84-0 Wolverhampton

Now it’s time for Willy Tee...

Wolverhampton Wildcats @ Loughborough
Hmm. If Wolverhampton manages to get themselves onto the pitch, which isn’t guaranteed by any means, they’ll more than likely not find the end zone for their first league points against Lugbug’s shut-down defence that’s conceded only a single score in 4 straight wins.

Loogahbaroogah (as I’ve heard an Australian refer to Loughborough as) will walk it.

We’re counting down the weeks til the FAUK Bowl!

The-Club-With-No-Name 56-0 Wildcats

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