Monday, 12 December 2011

Week 6 Power Rankings 25-15

As an early Christmas present from the Dbl Coverage team we have increased our power rankings from 20 to 25! That’s super POWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRR! Up first are ranks 25-15.

15. Bradford Bears (3-1-1)
Just like Northampton, Bradford have been fortunate with their schedule (no Hallam is always a plus). Unlike Northampton, Bradford have faced off against playoff quality teams (Hull, Carnegie and Celtics). This week’s win over the Celtics keeps Bradford’s good form this season and with Lancaster, Huddersfield and Sabres left on the schedule, Bradford could end up in the playoffs! Two rookie teams in the playoffs!? No doubt someone will have something to say about this!

16. Glasgow Tigers (3-1)
The Tigers move up this week with the losses for Derby and Essex despite completing their fixtures for the first half of the season. If the Tigers win their next three games they will head into their final matchup against Newcastle with a 6-1 record and the Borders crown possibly being up for grabs. 

17. Stirling Clansmen (3-1)
Two straight games for the Clansmen have now been postponed due to the weather! Tough break for everyone involved with the team. If the team hadn’t lost to Glasgow they’d currently be challenging Newcastle for the top spot in the conference, instead they’re in a three way fight for the second spot.

18. Derby Braves (3-2)
How much a few weeks can alter a team’s season. This week’s loss (this time without controversy) to Loughborough  means the Braves drop two straight and are now all but out of the race for the championship playoffs in the MAC. With Birmingham still left on the schedule, Derby may end up in a battle for the 4th and final playoff spot for the MAC conference.

19. Northampton Nemesis (4-0)
I’ve finally realised why Northampton get so much hatred! They’re the equivalent of Tim Tebow in the BUAFL! They shouldn’t have the record they have and no one wants them to, but somehow they keep winning! If they keep winning they’ll start to gain my approval, but until then...

20. Bangor Muddogs (3-1)
After last week’s postponement, Bangor’s good start to the season has been put on hold until after the New Year. With a huge turnaround after the previous few years it’s good to see a team up and coming in a competitive division. Let’s hope the good form continues in 2012, if not then well done for improving on their previous seasons records.

21. Essex Blades (3-1)
After being blown out against the number one team in our rankings, Essex slide down to 21 this week. The 51-0 thumping means Essex now have -4 points difference on the season so far, which isn’t a good stat for a team sitting in a playoff position. At least the teams remaining on their schedule have a combined 5-13 record.

22. UEA Pirates (3-2)
We were torn between UEA or Reading for the 22 spot this weekend, but then we remembered Reading had a game against the Worcester Royals this year to boost their league standing! Losses to Herts and LSBU are the only blemish on the Pirates season so far and with a relatively easy schedule remaining UEA should at least make the Plate playoffs this year.

23. Northumbria Mustangs (3-1)
Northumbria may feel hard done by being ranked lower than Stirling and Glasgow (someone has to miss out). Having played one team with a winning record so far is the main reason the Mustangs are so low. If they continue to win, which they should with their schedule, the Mustangs may finally move up.

24. Leeds Carnegie (2-1-1)
Last week in our top 5 BUAFL defences we missed Carnegie off of our list, but they make a return to our power rankings after a week out. Unfortunately they may not last on the list for long. Have you seen their schedule? Celtics, Bangor, Sabres and Hallam! With numerous teams getting easy schedules, we’ve finally found the team who drew the short straw on the schedule front. Good luck Carnegie. You’ll need it!

25. Plymouth Blitz (2-2)
Many teams could’ve been placed at the final spot in our rankings (York, Exeter or Outlaws notably) but they haven’t got as strong a record. So far their two losses have come at the hands of UWE and Cardiff. With wins over Gloucester and the Cuda, Plymouth are currently sitting in a good position in the SWAC and could end up finishing 6-2.

With so many teams having a good season so far a number of teams could have made the rankings. If you want to see your team moving up on our list make sure you ball out in the new year!


  1. If you knwo teams are having a piss easy schedule they why are you still putting them int he top 25?

  2. Because power rankings arn't just about how hard the team your playing is. Its also about what score you come out with, 6-0 or 60-0 its still a win at the end of the day. Obviously if your playing the easiest teams in the league and don't score massive points, then your just gonna get a kicking in the playoffs.

  3. so by these rankings you'd predict Bradford (15) to beat Derby (18)?

  4. How have you got UEA at 22, and LSBU doesn't make it on the list at all? #realtalk


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