Wednesday, 28 November 2012

NFL Predictions: Week 13

A solid week 12 sees my record continue to quietly grow more respectable. We’re nearing the point in the season now where all eyes are firmly fixed on those wildcard spots, and this week’s games could go a long way towards deciding who is destined for a shot at post-season glory and who will fade into mediocrity.

Week 12 = 11-5
Overall = 113-64

Thursday Night:

Saints @ Falcons
Very tasty Thursday night NFC South match-up. The Saints just got beat by the 49ers whereas the Falcons just managed to squeeze past the Buccs by the narrowest of margins. New Orleans have already beaten Atlanta once this season and it genuinely is a must-win for them to keep their playoff dreams alive. They will want it more.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Saints by 3

Sunday First Wave:

Jaguars @ Bills
The Henne-led Jags are a different beast than when Gabbert has the reigns, and with that in mind I like them to make this a close game. I still expect the Bills to win though, as despite a loss at fortress Indy they are a threat to any team.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Bills by 6

Seahawks @ Bears
Not at all sure about this one, as the Hawks turn to jelly when forced to leave their home, but the Bears haven't exactly been setting the world alight recently either. Whilst I expect there to be ugly play all round (with Seattle's pass rush turning Chicago's o-line inside out), ultimately I can't justify picking the visitors until they show they can get it done on the road.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Bears by 7

Colts @ Lions
Interesting one, as the Lions have narrowly lost their last 2 games at home to strong opponents, but the Colts have typically struggled on the road this year. I'll take the home side, but wouldn’t put it past Luck to spring the upset.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Lions by 7

Vikings @ Packers
With both teams coming off big losses this one could get interesting. Whilst the Vikings aren't mathematically out of the race, I like Green Bay to win here and potentially close the gap on Chicago in the race for the NFC North crown.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Packers by 10

Panthers @ Chiefs
Not too difficult a choice for me here. Both teams are done for 2012, but the Panthers are showing a lot more promise coming off a decent win over Philly, whereas the Chiefs are struggling to find any kind of identity (other than that of a team that enjoys turning the ball over at every opportunity).

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Panthers by 7

Patriots @ Dolphins
Miami just narrowly beat Seattle, but given the Pats demolition of the Jets and the fact the Dolphins main strength is their run D (something New England won't be too concerned about), I'll back the visitors to make it two AFC East road conquests on the trot.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Patriots by 14

Cardinals @ Jets
Arizona just (badly) lost to St. Louis... but the Jets just got torn limb from limb at home, and hopefully after that performance Arizona will realise Lindley is not the answer. Whoever they start at QB, the Jets don't have anyone better (sorry Teebs).

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Cards by 3

49ers @ Rams
The Rams put in a strong performance vs Arizona, but I can't see that continuing when the Niners come to town. Smith or Kaep, the 49ers should take care of business by at least a TD.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: 49ers by 10

Texans @ Titans
Tennessee just lost to the Jaguars... if they can handle the Texans coming off that then I'm calling BS.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Texans by 14

Sunday Second Wave:

Buccaneers @ Broncos
Interesting one as despite the narrowest of losses to Atlanta the Buccs have looked very strong. Denver, meanwhile, struggled slightly more than anticipated in beating Kansas City. Despite this I'm going to back Manning to grab another win, especially at home.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Broncos by 10

Bengals @ Chargers
Another tough one, as the Chargers lose a heart-breaker in OT to the Ravens (I don’t want to see that 4th and 29 play ever again), whereas the Bengals take down the flailing Raiders at home. San Diego have to win to retain any hope of the playoffs, and fittingly the Bengals are one of their rivals in a relatively weak AFC. The smart money is on Cincy in this one, but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and pin one last forlorn hope on SD winning a game.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Chargers by 3

Steelers @ Ravens
With huge question marks at the QB position and coming off an embarrassingly poor loss to the Browns, I really can’t see this going any other way than a large Baltimore victory.

Dbl Coverage Prediction:  Ravens by 10

Browns @ Raiders
Interesting match-up here between two of the perennial bottom-feeders. With the Browns undergoing something of a renaissance, many will like them to pull off the away win here. Beating Charlie Batch is all well and good, but I see this as the sort of game either could grab. Despite that, 8 turnovers (!) and some hard running from T-Rich last week sees the Browns enter as clear favourites in this once.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Browns by 6

Sunday Night:

Eagles @ Cowboys
The Eagles are a team in disarray, and have shocked the league by releasing Jason Babin. Perhaps they are trying to send a message to their players that things are going to change this off-season, but whatever the reasoning I expect the Cowboys to comfortably win this one.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Cowboys by 7

Monday Night:

Giants @ Redskins
Tough one to call as both played at a high level last week, and still everything to play for in the NFC East. I'll call the upset here and roll with the Skins, as their earlier game at the Meadowlands could have gone either way, and RG3 has thrown for two straight 4 TD games (setting a rookie record in the process). I don’t expect 4 more here, but he could well do just enough to squeeze by the G-Men and set the division wide open.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Redskins by 3


  1. It amazes me that year after year, people underestimate the Giants down the stretch. Do people not learn? And more importantly, how can you possibly back against them after the beatdown they put on the Packers?

    1. They would be pretty boring predictions if I only backed the favourites every week! Not one I'm feeling very confident about but the Giants are hardly models of consistency so I can definitely see the Skins running them as close as they did @ NY earlier in the year.


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