Tuesday, 14 May 2013

All DC Team: The Defensive Linemen

The offence have had their moment of glory, now it's time for the real men to get some recognition and where better to start than the defensive line. We've tried to find a balance between those run stuffing 3-4 defensive linemen that may not have the gaudy sack numbers of their 4-3 defensive end counter parts.

As per our disclaimer, we're sure that we've missed out one or two players from the list, but we can't fit everyone into an eight man selection!

Ike Obialo - DMU Falcons
Argue with this nomination, I dare you...
"Big" Ike Obialo drew our attention at GB camp and a few enquiries into the big mans play at small school DMU confirmed what we saw, the guy is a certified monster. Yes he played for DMU, who went 1-7, yes his team conceded 185 points, but just look at the guy!

Eddie Cheadle - Birmingham Lions
#3 soars into action... 
Eddie "the Eagle" Cheadle is normally overshadowed by Line mate Joshua Vines (and who wouldn't be, Vines is huuuuge and probably blocks out the sun), however we feel the need to give him some recognition for his high level of play. As well as an individual honour, the Birmingham Defensive line should take a lot of credit as a whole for being one of the outstanding units in the country.

Ty Larsen - Stirling Clansmen
Defensive linemen don't care about ball security!
One of the North Americans in the revamped Stirling team that really put the scares on Birmingham in the quarter finals, Ty "Fighter" Larsen has been one of the stand out linemen in the whole of Scotland according to one nomination we received. Six sacks, one forced fumble, two fumbles recovered, two touchdowns and two interceptions (!) are impressive stats off only a 6 game season.

Idrissa Forna - UWE Bullets
An old picture, but you get the idea...
We drew some ire from the South West with no Bullets nominated for the first or second teams, however Idrissa "Elba" Forna does his team proud with a rightful place in the first team. Playing both ways for his team he still managed to wrack up 45 tackles, 11.5 sacks and 12 hurries. Not bad for a Bullet (that's a joke! Chill out!)

Second Team All DC

Jonathan Varney - Loughborough 
Lloyd Scott - Portsmouth Destroyers
Ari Haldorsson - Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Ken Snider - OBU Panthers


  1. Vines needs to be in the first team with Cheadle

  2. No Matt Sharp from Derby ???? that is disgusting !!!! see the DC fave teams have representatives as usual!!!!!!

  3. No way is Bless Ango, the beast for the CU Jets and now starting NT for Cov Jets seniors not good enough to make this list!

  4. You're missing out Nick Greaves, plays both ways for Tarannau Aberystwyth and consistently demands double and triple teams at NT.


  5. How is Eric Chapman from Cambridge Pythons not worthy of a mention?

  6. DC relies on information from teams to nominate their players. if your guy isn here then speak to your HC and Chairman as they were both asked for information.

  7. So that's five more guys that "should definitely make our list." Out of interest, who would you replace them with, or should we have devalued the list by just making it a 10 position first team and keeping everyone happy?

  8. I won't comment on the players I haven't seen but Bless is better than Ike and it's not even close. Then again you didn't approve my comment last time I said this, so I don't know why you're pretending to want real opinions.


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