Friday, 16 December 2011

As It Stands: BUAFL Christmas Break Playoff Brackets

As part of our festive schedule we are going to run a playoff bracket for the Championship and Plate playoffs based on how they would go if the season ended today. We know that some teams have been boosted by playing more games, or weaker opposition, but those are our rules and this is our game (and its all just a bit of fun anyway)!

The top two teams from the North and South get first round byes just like the NFL playoffs and the tie breaker for teams with the same scedule is points conceded. This is how the playoff picture plays out right now using BUAFL's rules and structure:

 North Champ Playoffs
Loughborough Aces (5-0) PS: 224 PC: 20
Newcastle Raiders (4-0) PS: 214 PC: 8
Hallam Warriors (4-0) PS: 306 PC: 13
Birmingham Lions (4-0) PS: 207 PC: 14
Sheffield Sabres (4-0) PS: 198 PC: 18
Stirling (3-1) PS: 166 PC: 20

 North Plate Playoffs
Northampton Nemesis (4-0) PS: 92 PC: 45
Hull Sharks (4-1) PS: 92 PC: 62
Glasgow Tigers (3-1) PS: 56 PC: 28
Bradford Bears (3-1-1) PS: 57 PC: 43
Northumbria Mustangs (3-1) PS: 108 PC: 52
Lincoln Colonials (2-1) PS: 79 PC: 52

 South Champ Playoffs
Hertfordshire Hurricanes (5-0) PS: 278 PC: 27
Southampton Stags (5-0) PS: 166 PC: 75
UWE Bullets (4-0) PS: 121 PC: 18
Portsmouth Destroyers (4-0) PS: 90 PC: 26
Kent Falcons (4-0) PS: 168 PC: 50
Cardiff Cobras (3-0) PS: 78 PC: 27

 South Plate Playoffs
OBU Panthers (3-1) PS: 96 PC: 26
Imperial Immortals (3-1) PS: 99 PC: 37
Essex Blades (3-1) PS: 65 PC: 69
Exeter Demons (2-1) PS: 62 PC: 32
UEA Pirates (3-2) PS: 148 PC: 107
Plymouth Blitz (2-2) PS: 130 PC: 41

We at Dbl Coverage towers will discuss each game between ourselves and take into account any comments on the blog or the Facebook page (not the unofficial forum) in our conversation. Then we will type up a fictional game report We look forward to hearing your opinions and banter on each game, but remind you that this is all just a bit of fun for the holiday season!

So, without further ado, next week’s matchups are:-

North Champ Playoffs
Stirling Clansmen @ Hallam Warriors
Sheffield Sabres @ Birmingham Lions

North Plate Playoffs:
Lincoln Colonials @ Glasgow Tigers
Northumbria Mustangs @ Bradford Bears

South Champ Playoffs
Cardiff Cobras @ UWE Bullets
Kent Falcons @ Portsmouth Destroyers.

South Plate Playoffs
Plymouth Blitz @ Essex Blades
UEA Pirates @ Exeter Demons

By looking at the season as it stands we immediately get some interesting situations thrown up. In the North Hallam misses out on a first round bye due to Newcastle’s fantastic defensive record and the Aces additional victory, Stirling the happy opposition travelling south to take them on. Northampton gets a first round bye in the plate thanks to their soft schedule leaving Glasgow to take on overachievers Lincoln at home.

In the South the Bullets get to take on SWAC rivals Cardiff while Kent can feel hard done by, drawing the National Champs away, but hey, it’s our rules and we’ll play it the way we want!

The Southern Plate bracket looks very strong with any of the 6 teams capable of winning. Exeter look to be the weakest team of the group and Plymouth could provide a dark horse team after opening the season against the SWACs two Championship Playoff teams.

So what do you guys think of the first round games? Let us know!


  1. Derby dont even make the plate.... oh dear! Naaaat!

  2. As it stands retard

  3. Shouldn't Newcastle be above Lugbug? 8/4=2 compared to 20/5=4?

  4. shouldnt glasgow be above stirling as they beat them

  5. UWE to eliminate cardiff, UWE's defence can be compared to any in the country, I don't see cardiff's offense being able to rack up more points than the bullets'. Plus they are playing in Bristol.

    UWE to win by 14

  6. To answer a couple of questions:

    Lugbug are above Newcastle because they have won a game more.

    Stirling are above Glasgow because that's how the BUAFL table has them (and who are we to argue!)


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