Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BUAFL Week Eight Power Rankings – Rankings 16-25

The snow may have cancelled a lot of fixtures, but the big freeze doesn’t stop us posting this week’s Power Rankings! Congratulations to all the teams who managed to go ahead with their games at the weekend and hopefully all those who didn’t can get their games re-arranged before the post season.

Without any further ado – Rankings 16-25!

16. Glasgow Tigers (4-1)
The first team in our rankings were able to play their game at the weekend and continued their winning ways with a victory over the Pyros! If we had a Borders writer then they could’ve made a case for the team moving up our rankings this week, but unfortunately we don’t. With a game against the bottom seed Teesside Cougars this weekend; Glasgow should continue their hunt for the Borders crown.

17. Stirling Clansmen (3-1)
After having so many games postponed this season, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Clansmen are laughing at all the teams who had to call off their games at the weekend. With so many teams not playing Stirling remains in the number 17 spot for another week. Stirling host UWS this weekend and will be looking to keep the pressure on Newcastle, Glasgow and all of the other one win teams in the Borders conference.

18. Derby Braves (3-2)
Despite not playing at the weekend, Derby remains in the MAC playoff places because the Nottingham Varsity game fell victim to the snow. The Braves are well and truly in a battle to save their season after early season losses to the Outlaws and Aces, another loss this weekend against Birmingham could jeopardise Derby’s playoff hopes.

19. Northampton Nemesis (4-0)
With their game against Surrey postponed, the Nemesis remain in the number 19 spot in our Power Rankings for another week. This weekend the number three team in the MAC faces off against a team who aren’t relatively new to BUAFL or going through a transition phase like the Leicester Longhorns. A win for Northampton will edge them closer to the post season, while a loss could possibly blow the MAC playoff race wide open.

20. Plymouth Blitz (4-2)
The Blitz move up to the number 20 spot with a victory over the Exeter Demons, as well as all the teams around them in our Power Rankings not playing this weekend due to the snow. After starting 0-2 Plymouth’s winning streak is now at four straight and they have a lot of momentum heading towards the end of the season and the playoffs. With their next game being a mid-week game on the 22nd of Feb, the Blitz have plenty of time to get ready to extend their unbeaten run to five straight!

21. Bangor Muddogs (3-1)
Bangor didn't fall victim to the weather this weekend as they had no game scheduled, so they remain at the number 21 spot for another week. The Muddogs return to BUAFL action this weekend with a game against rival playoff hopefuls Leeds Carnegie. If Bangor are going to win this game they’ll need to try and score on a Carnegie defence that is currently averaging 3.25 points against per game.

22. Essex Blades (3-1)
Essex, like so many of the other teams in the top 25 had their game called off due to the snow. The Blades are currently sitting in the third playoff spot in the SEC, but with tough competition left on their schedule, Essex will definitely be hoping they can get their game with ARU rescheduled as it may end up being the difference in the playoff race come the end of the season.

23. Exeter Demons (3-2)
A week after pulling off a huge upset against the Cardiff Cobras, the Demons were brought back down to earth with a 15 point loss to the Plymouth Blitz resulting in a three place slide in our Power Rankings. Exeter now head up to face Bath Killer Bees where a loss in the competitive SWAC conference will most likely end the Demons the playoff hopes for this season. Remember Exeter host UWE the week after the Bath game.

24. UEA Pirates (3-2)
The Pirates find themselves dropping down a spot in this week’s Power Rankings with the Blitz defeating the Demons. With a favourable schedule remaining, UEA should be confident that they can earn a playoff spot in the SEC, but as we’ve seen in previous week’s, 2012 seems to be the year of the upsets so far!

25. Northumbria Mustangs (3-1)
Last week some anon said this “It's Northumbria's FOURTH not THIRD season in BUAFL”, well Mr Anon either you’re wrong or the person who wrote this on the teams section on BUAFL.net is wrong “initiated into BUAFL for the 2009/2010 season.” This means they’re in their third season. With their game called off this weekend, the Mustangs end up moving down to the bottom spot in our top 25 due to results other results around the league. With a trip to Edinburgh this weekend to face the Predators, Northumbria will be hoping to continue their good early season form.

The second part of our rankings will soon be up on the blog for those whose teams were able to claim a spot in our top 15!


  1. with Plymouth having killer bees (in midweek game?!? WTF) and endings season at enter on 26th of Feb what you think to possibility of Plymouth making play offs for 1st time on back of a 6 game win streak must surely see them in top 10 IF THEY PULL IT OFF.

    (cardiff have UWE yet to play)

  2. with Plymouth having killer bees (in midweek game?!? WTF) and endings season at enter on 26th of Feb what you think to possibility of Plymouth making play offs for 1st time on back of a 6 game win streak must surely see them in top 10 IF THEY PULL IT OFF.

    (cardiff have UWE yet to play)

  3. Plymouth lost to Cardiff and consequently cannot make #2 unless Cardiff lose 2 more games. I can see them losing to UWE but really doubt Aber and Gloucester. Swansea would have to really pull something out of the bag to beat them. I would expect to see Plymouth finishing third and heading into the postseason with massive momentum.

  4. Sorry this isn't about this piece, but how about a playoff scenario update from you guys? Going through the various permutations of those still in contention with their likely results? Now we're getting to the business end of the season it would be really helpful!

    1. We will most likely does this when more games have been played. Stupid weather causing so many postponements at the weekend!

  5. "Mr Anon"7 February 2012 at 13:44

    "Mr Anon" here.
    Just sat here watching a video of myself playing in a regular season game against Northumbria Mustangs in November 2008 (having played against them in one of their associate games 6 months earlier).

    1. BUAFL.net in incorrect information shocker!

    2. Think Nemesis are playing Lincoln, not Leicester...

    3. Mr Anon if you're correct then I do apologise, I was going off what a member of the Mustangs sent to BUAFL.net, so I would imagine they'd have more knowledge. Anyways, my bad.

      Anon at 8.20 - Northampton have already played Leicester, what I said was this is the first time they won't play a team who aren't new or going through a transistion phase like the Leicester Longhorns (they've changed to the DW this season...)


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