Thursday, 1 December 2011

NFL Week 13 Predictions

Overall record on Dbl Coverage = 42-18 (70%)

Thursday Night Football

PHI Eagles @ SEA Seahawks 

A quick show of hands who honestly thought the Eagles and Seahawks would have the same record heading into this game? If anyone says they would then they are a liar!

The Eagles are out of the race to win their division barring a dramatic collapse by the Cowboys. Even though Michael Vick is rumoured to be fit to return for this game it may be a better idea to continue starting Vince Young, this would allow Vick to get fully fit for next season and VY to continue looking good so the Eagles can then use him as trade bait around the draft period.

Somehow (don’t ask me how) the Seahawks managed to lose to the Redskins last weekend after being on a two game winning streak. It’s been a long season for the Seahawk fan base as their team continues to falter after somehow making the playoffs last season. At least the ‘Hawks have an outside chance of picking up a quarterback in next year’s draft.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Eagles to win by 10.

 6PM GMT Games

TEN Titans @ BUF Bills

Has Chris Johnson returned to the same form of previous years? Titans fans are definitely hoping so after his poor play so far. The Titans D has the corners to blanket the Bills receivers forcing Buffalo to rely on their crippled run game. A turnover free performance by the Titans should see them continue their winning ways.

A week after criticizing Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick he went and threw three touchdowns against the usually vaunted Jets defence, but at the end of the day it was the Bills D who was unable to keep the Jets out of the endzone and cost the Bills the victory. The slippery slope that the Bills are sliding down may have cost them the chance to return to the playoffs after a fantastic start to the season.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Titans to win by 6.

KC Chiefs @ Chicago Bears

Well the Chiefs defence did their job last weekend, unfortunately Tyler Palko and the rest of the Kansas offence couldn’t, some people also gave up on the last play of the game (Dwayne Bowe we’re not impressed...) If Palko can’t get the offence clicking against the Bears don’t be surprised to see Kyle Orton make his Chiefs debut against his former team.

For some reason the Bears didn’t run their offence through Matt Forte last week against the Raiders (I can see him leaving in the off season), but instead decided to rely on Caleb Hanie and eventually
Marion Barber towards the end of the game. With Detroit playing New Orleans, the Bears need to take advantage of an injury crippled Chiefs team to try and take a hold of a playoff spot in the NFC.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Bears to win by 9.

ATL Falcons @ HOU Texans

The Falcons have got themselves back into the playoff seedings with a victory over the Minnesota Vikings. With Matt Ryan and Roddy White on top form the Falcons offence is nearly unstoppable. This week they face the number one defence in the NFL determined to keep up their dominating form of late. If Atlanta wants to win this game, they will need to stop under performing in the 3rd quarter which allows their opponents to get back into their matchups.

Another tough break for the Texans as 2nd string quarterback Matt Leinart broke his collarbone and is done for the season, therefore the Texans season comes down to the performance of unknown rookie T.J. Yates. Look for the Texans to lean heavily on their dominating run game and not force Yates to win the game.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: The Texans to win by 3.

OAK Raiders @ MIA Dolphins 

Did you know that Carson Palmer has thrown more yards and touchdowns than Jason Campbell did already in less games (Palmer has also thrown more interceptions than Campbell as well). With Michael Bush continuing to perform at a level higher than many expected the Raiders continue to lead the AFC West and only look to get better when Darren McFadden returns.

Even though we predicted Miami to lose last week we didn’t expect it to be by one point. With a longer break to plan for this matchup, the Dolphins will look to continue their good form of late as they continue to try and ruin their opponents’ chances of making the playoffs.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Miami to spring an upset and win by 4.

DEN Broncos @ MIN Vikings

Once again my confidence in Tim Tebow and the Broncos D comes through, with the likes of Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins and Von Miller leading the most improved defensive unit of the last few weeks. Miller now has 10.5 sacks through twelve games and is now the front runner for the defensive rookie of the year. Tebow now has the opportunity to go against a beaten up core of defensive backs to show if he can pass in the NFL (even though he already has the same amount of passing touchdowns as former starting QB Kyle Orton).

Things just keep going from bad to worse for the Minnesota Vikings. Not only were they shut out in the 1st half against the Falcons they also had no running game without Adrian Peterson. Now 2-9 for the season the Vikings are a clear candidate for underachieving team of the year. At least they can pick up a receiver like Justin Blackmon in the upcoming draft.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Denver Broncos keep on rolling and win by 4.

IND Colts @ NE Patriots

Normally this would be one of the most anticipated matchups of the season, but unfortunately due to the injury of Peyton Manning this matchup only needs to be watched if you want to see a bloodbath.

With the Colts continuing to suck they have now decided to turn to Dan Orlovsky at quarterback. If you can’t remember him, he was the Lions QB that forgot how deep an endzone is and decided to run out of bounds giving up a safety...Good luck Colts fans.

New England comfortably disposed of the Eagles in their last game with Tom Brady and the offence lighting up the scoreboard. This week facing off against the Colts we wouldn’t be surprised if every single receiver scored a touchdown even Chad Ochocinco!! This game could become quite embarrassing for the Colts and their fan base.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Patriots to win by 25.

CIN Bengals @ PIT Steelers 

Another AFC North clash for the Bengals for the second straight week, this time facing off against the Steelers. After a close victory over the Cleveland Browns, the Bengals now get the opportunity to avenge their loss earlier in the season. With A.J. Green now back to full health and Cedric Benson running the ball well, the Bengals could spring a surprise this weekend to get back into a the AFC playoffs.

Fortunately the Steelers look as if they may have Troy Polamalu back after he suffered another head injury suffered against the Kansas City Chiefs. After a poor showing against the Chiefs, the Steelers will be hoping their offence can take advantage of the loss of Leon Hall for the Bengals. Fantasy football fans with Mike Wallace in their team could expect a high scoring performance this weekend.

Dbl Coverage prediction: The Steelers to win by 7.

CAR Panthers @ TB Buccaneers

Cam Newton set a rookie rushing record with his tenth rushing touchdown over the winless Colts last weekend, if you include that with the 170 combined rushing yards of Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams you can see the Panthers are finally getting a rushing game to complement the over achieving passing offence. Carolina must feel hard done by injuries to their young defence.

Well Tampa keeps on finding ways to lose, now on a five game losing streak. Josh Freeman continues to regress from his outstanding season last year and may end up costing a few people their jobs on the Tampa coaching staff. If they Bucs want to win this game they need to hand the rock to LeGarrette Blount (two straight 100 yard rushing games) against the poor Panthers rushing defence.

Dbl Coverage Prediction: Tampa Bay gets back to winning ways with an 8 point victory.

NY Jets @ WAS Redskins

The Jets managed to pull out the victory last week with a four touchdown performance from the usually clueless quarterback Mark Sanchez. The Jets are hoping that Tomlinson can return to the line up this weekend as they continue to fight for a wildcard spot in the AFC. A loss this week could see
the Jets hopes of making three straight AFC Championship appearances all but over, this can only be good thing as it will finally quiet the Rex Ryan nonsense (only his favourite “God damn snack” all you can eat buffet closing down could shut that man up).

Rex Grossman must have some sort of super power because no matter how hard he tries, he still manages to win games. Either that or the opposing defence feels sorry for him and lets him win. The Redskins now have the opportunity to string together a two game win streak after losing six straight. If the Redskins keep winning they may miss out on the opportunity to draft a decent quarterback.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Redskins to win by 6. 

9PM GMT Games

BAL Ravens @ CLE Browns

This is definitely a trap game for the Baltimore Ravens because the last time they beat an NFL powerhouse (Pittsburgh) they went and lost the next game to a lesser opponent (Seattle). After beating the 49ers the Ravens had a longer rest to make sure they are focused for this game to keep a hold of their lead in the AFC North. We’re hoping Ray Lewis can make a return to the field, he doesn’t look right standing on the sidelines.

Cleveland continued to let down their fans with a loss against the Bengals last weekend despite leading by 10 points at half time. Now Peyton Hillis has finally manned up and returned back to the Browns offence they may start to find the run game they had last year to take the pressure off 2nd year quarterback Colt McCoy. If Hillis wants to get paid then he needs a big performance against a dominating defence.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Ravens finally find a way to beat weaker opponents with a 10 point victory.

DAL Cowboys @ ARI Cardinals

Watching the Dallas Cowboys is guaranteed drama. They now hold a one game lead over the New York Giants in the NFC East and fans will be hoping they don’t repeat their usual feat of a late season collapse. It will be interesting to see if the Cowboys defence continue to show focus for all of their upcoming games with rumours circulating that Rob Ryan may become the next Jaguars head coach.

Patrick Peterson you are spectacular (sorry ridiculous is only reserved for Devin Hester). Another punt return for a touchdown makes it four for the season which ties an NFL record. Even though Kevin Kolb may be returning to the starting line up Arizona shouldn’t give up on the run game after Beanie Wells gashed the Rams defence for 228 yards last week. This could (but probably won’t) be an upset alert.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Dallas to continue their good form with a 12 point victory.

GB Packers @ NY Giants 

The Packers continued their dominant season with a victory over the Detroit Lions on thanksgiving. Even the players are saying they’re only focusing on one game at a time, but you know for a fact that they’re fully focused on going 16-0 (eventually 19-0). With MVP elect Aaron Rodgers steering the
Packers ship there’s a real possibility that Green Bay will achieve a perfect season even though they have an awful rushing game and pass defence.

If there’s one thing I know as a Patriots fan it’s that the Giants love ending unbeaten records! Fortunately for Packers fans, the last time the Giants ended an unbeaten run they were on a three game winning streak not a three game losing streak. The Giants are hoping to get Ahmad Bradshaw back for this game and Eli Manning must be hoping that his receivers have learnt how to hang on to the football. Expect a shootout folks!

Dbl Coverage prediction: Packers to win by 14.

STL Rams @ SF 49ers

I’m starting to think that last season may have been a flash in the pan for the Rams as they continue to lose miserably every week. The 2-9 Rams allowed Beanie Wells, yes THAT Beanie Wells, to run all over them for 228 yards last weekend, that’s not a good stat line for a team who were supposed to win the NFC West this year. Fortunately for Rams fans their franchise isn’t quite as bad as the Jacksonville Jaguars so they will be sticking in St.Louis for the time being.

San Francisco can lock up the NFC West with a win (or tie) against the Rams this weekend which will guarantee them a return to the playoffs. The 49ers O line will be looking for a good performance this time around after letting Alex Smith take a beating by getting sacked nine times by the Baltimore Ravens.

Quick note – The Rams have allowed two, two hundred yards rushers this year, Frank Gore may have a field day.

Dbl Coverage prediction: 49ers to win by 17.

1.20AM GMT Game

DET Lions @ NO Saints

Oh boy the Lions are turning into the most hated team in the league. After an impressive start to the season, fans wanted the Lions to do well and return to the playoffs a few years after going 0-16, but since the loss to the 49ers, the Lions have been shown to one of the dirtiest teams in the NFL. Suh’s latest incident of stamping on the Packers lineman is proof of their downfall. In football terms the Lions need to find a running back for can stay on the field for more than six quarters and Calvin Johnson needs to re find his early season form if they want to keep Atlanta and Chicago out of a wildcard berth.

Not many words can describe Drew Brees manhandling of the Giants on Monday Night Football. In what can only be described as a season of the ages, Drew Brees looks like he will finally breaking Dan Marino’s passing record after falling short by 15 yards a few years back. If Aaron Rodgers wasn’t treating this season like a game of Madden, Brees would be a front runner for the league MVP and Offensive player of the year.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Saints by 14.

Monday Night Football

SD Chargers @ JAC Jaguars

What an awful game to end the week on! That’s right the 4-7 Chargers face off against the 3-8 Jaguars on the global stage...

San Diego continues to suck by losing six straight after starting 4-1. The only plus to come out of the Chargers season is the fact that Norv Turner may finally get fired, for the sake of the franchise general manager A. J. Smith needs to get the boot as well. Hopefully people will start to realise that the Chargers aren’t as talented as they are made out to be at the start of every season.

**Claps hands** Well done Jacksonville for finally getting rid of Jack Del Rio, shame it was three years late and after he had already cost them a shot in the playoffs in a manning less division. With defensive co-ordinator Mel Tucker taking over as interim HC for the time being we wouldn’t be surprised if the Jags won their first game with a new coach. At least Maurice Jones-Drew continues to grind out yards for the Jags.

Dbl Coverage prediction: Jacksonville get Tucker off to a great start with a 6 point victory.

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