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BAFA Uni Football Week Five Power Rankings

Just like the Powerless Rankings, we’ve reached the penultimate top 25 Power Rankings of 2012, but that’s not to say that we won’t do a full, league wide Power Ranking during the Christmas break (100% guarantee that will happen). Now, before you read on with the article, make sure your articles are all sorted, and all of your Christmas presents are purchased. We don’t want to be the reason for you to mess up!

Before we begin the rankings, we want to give a round of applause to the Lincoln Colonials coaching staff who made the team aware that they would be leaving, but remained with the team until their winter break to make sure the team wasn’t in disarray. We wish the team and Coaches Alex Robson and Warwick Grosvenor all the best in the future.

Now, onto the list!

1. Hertfordshire Hurricanes (4-0)
Another game, another victory for the ‘Canes where they post 50+ on the scoreboard. That’s pretty much it for this week. ‘Canes win, ‘Canes score more than 50, ‘Canes remain number one.
Next game – 9th December – vs. KCL Regents

2. Birmingham Lions (4-0)
The Lions recorded their third 60+ margin of victory when they defeated the Coventry Jets 61-0. Just like the ‘Canes section, that’s pretty much it for this week. Lions win, Lions score a lot, and the Lions remain number two.
Next game – 8th December – vs. Warwick Wolves

3. Loughborough (3-0)
No game for Loughborough as they were on their first scheduled bye of the season. With the defence yet to concede a point this season, it’ll be interesting to see if Loughborough claim their fourth shutout of the season when they take on a Northampton team who have scored 89 combined points in their past two games.
Next game – 9th December - @ Northampton Nemesis

4. Stirling Clansmen (4-0)
No game for the Clansmen this weekend as their ‘all weather pitch’ was too frozen for any games to be played on...right, because that makes sense. With the UWS up next on the schedule, we’ll be surprised if the Clansmen don’t post another 80+ victory and all but lock up the Saltire conference.
Next game – 9th December – vs. UWS Pyros

5. Southampton Stags (4-0)
Either the Bears defence played lights out on Sunday or the Stags offence were less than impressive as Southampton defeated RHUL 20-0 to keep their unbeaten run alive. With the TVC shaping up into the conference to watch this season, the Stags will be looking to keep their unbeaten running going into the winter break as they take on the OBU Panthers who seem to be involved in games that go down to the last play.
Next game – 9th December – vs. OBU Panthers

6. Sheffield Sabres (3-0)
I pondered long and hard as to whether the Sabres should remain at the number six spot after two consecutive weeks of no football, and the fact the Sharks defeated Leeds in our ‘Game of the Week’. In the end, I stuck with the Sabres due to their greater point’s difference and their fantastic performance in raising money for Movember. Back to the action, and the Sabres play host to Bangor in their final game before the New Year. With Derby firing on all cylinders, Sheffield will need to win this one to keep their title challenge going into 2013!
Next game – 9th December – vs. Bangor Muddogs

7. Hull Sharks (4-0)
As mentioned in the Sabres blurb, the Sharks were almost rising up this weekend, and had they shutout Carnegie; they’d be in the number six spot. With no more games until the New Year, the Sharks head into the winter break with one hand firmly on the North Eastern crown.
Next game – 3rd February - @ York Centurions

8. UWE Bullets (4-0)
If there was ever any debate as to whom the top team in the SWAC is, the Bullets can end the questioning in the matter of a week as the plan to take on the undefeated Bath Killer Bees a week after their victory over the Cardiff Cobras. Should the Bullets win this weekend, they may as well start making plans for their first post season game at the beginning of March.
Next game – 9th December - @ Bath Killer Bees

9. Derby Braves (4-0)
The current leaders of the Big North Western (ED: Since when was Derby in the North West!?) were out of action at the weekend as they prepare for their end of the year game against the Lancaster Bombers. With a high scoring offence and a defence holding teams at bay, the Braves should head in to 2013 with an unbeaten record intact.
Next game – 9th December - @ Lancaster Bombers

10. UEA Pirates (3-0)
No game for UEA who were on their final bye of 2012 before their game against the Imperial Immortals this weekend. With Hertfordshire and Kent also undefeated in the SEC, the Pirates will be hoping for their fourth consecutive victory of the season, so they can keep pace with the two teams in the New Year.
Next game – 9th December – vs. Imperial Immortals

11. Bath Killer Bees (3-0)
Following a few weeks out of action, the Bees were back at the weekend, and comfortably defeated the Swansea Titans 20-0. With a huge game against the UWE Bullets coming up at the weekend, a Bees victory could mean that the SWAC is heading elsewhere this season.
Next game – 9th December – vs. UWE Bullets

12. Kent Falcons (3-0)
I was starting to forget that the Falcons were looking like a decent team this season following their consecutive postponements, but it’s all forgotten now as the Falcons got back into the swing of things with a 34-18 victory over the Westminster Dragons. Now, I know I have the Falcons ranked so highly, but I’m not going to believe that the team is back to being a top team until I see what they do in 2013. Remember, the New Year was the start of the Falcons collapse last season...
Next game – 9th December – vs. Essex Blades

13. Plymouth Blitz (3-1)
Hmm...after a slow start, it’s looking like the Blitz may be back to being one of the top teams in the SWAC especially after the 52-15 butt whuppin that they put on the Bristol Barracuda this past weekend. With all their fixtures for 2012 done, the Blitz will be hoping to keep up this good form in the New Year. Let’s just hope for the sake of Willy Tee’s health, that they don’t get off to a poor start!
Next game – 3rd February - @ Exeter Demons

14. Portsmouth Destroyers (2-0)
Portsmouth look on ominous form this year with two straight wins rattled off, however tougher challenges lay ahead with games against Brighton (for some reason being held on Christmas day according to the BUCS site...) , Solent and Southampton standing between them and a place in the playoffs.
Next game – 9th December – vs. Surrey Stingers

15. Warwick Wolves (2-0)
No game for the Wolves who remain in the same spot despite other teams in the rankings moving around them. Much to the dismay of anyone south and north of the Midlands, Warwick’s game against the Birmingham Lions will be featured as our ‘Game of the Week’. A lot of people are expecting the Wolves to get blown out in this game, so it’s time for the team to either prove they’re ready to mess with the big boys or crumble and return to being an average team in the MAC.
Next game – 8th December - @ Birmingham Lions

16. Solent Redhawks (3-1)
Much to the disappointment of my co-owner, the Solent Redhawks were victorious at the weekend and find themselves rising a few spots up our rankings board following a 18-12 victory over the Brunel Burners. With one loss under their belt this season, the Redhawks game against Kingston is pretty much a must win game as two losses in the TVC might condemn a team to the off season earlier than planned.
Next game – 9th December – vs. Kingston Cougars

17. UCLan Rams (2-0)
Another game, another postponement for the Rams due to the miserable weather. Hey, at least the team did pretty well in their Movember efforts. Also, with no games schedule until after the New Year, the Rams have the honour of being the only rookie team to head into 2013 undefeated!
Next game – 3rd February – vs. Lancaster Bombers

18. Kingston Cougars (3-1)
It’s a return to the power rankings for the Kingston Cougars following their 20-0 victory over the Reading Knights. Had it not been for their one score loss against the Portsmouth Destroyers, the Cougars would be flying high in our rankings, and would be pushing for first in the TVC. Ah what could have least a victory over the Redhawks will end 2012 on a high note!
Next game – 9th December - @ Solent Redhawks

19. Glasgow Tigers (3-1)
No game for the Tigers at the weekend as they’ve completed all of their fixtures for the first half of the season. Let’s just hope that their coaching staff will spend the winter break trying to find a way to the stop the Stirling offence from scoring. My suggestion – chainsaws or Velociraptors, either one will do the job.
Next game – 3rd February - @ UWS Pyros

20. NTU Renegades (2-1)
No game for the Renegades following their loss to Birmingham in the previous week. With Warwick still unbeaten and Northampton starting to find their form, all the Renegades remaining games may turn into must win games if they’re planning on making the post season once again.
Next game – 9th December - @ DMU Falcons

21. Northampton Nemesis (2-1)
Remember last season when everyone hated the Nemesis because they were winning and running the double wing? Well now they’re winning again, but not running the double wing. Does this mean we hate them or not? I’m so confused...Anyway, a 33-16 victory over the Outlaws sees the Nemesis jump into our rankings for the first time this season. However, it may be short lived as Northampton takes on the undefeated Aces this weekend.
Next game – 9th December – vs. Loughborough

22. Hallam Warriors (1-1)
Not going to lie, I was expecting more from Hallam. I thought they’d put at least 30+ on the Bombers, but that wasn’t the case and that’s why the Warriors find themselves sitting behind the new team in the rankings. If Hallam are unable to post a big score on MMU, it may be time to accept that they no longer contain the high powered, explosive offence of previous season.
Next game – 9th December – vs. MMU Eagles

23. Bristol Barracuda (2-1)
Oh boy...I did not see that coming! Don’t get me wrong, I expected a Plymouth Blitz victory, but not with the end result being 52-15! It was so bad, the ‘Cuda almost slid all the way out of our rankings. To make matters worse, that was their last game of 2012. Talk about ending on a downer...
Next game – 27th January – vs. Exeter Demons

24. Leeds Carnegie (2-1)
It’s a slide for the Carnegie boys as they fell to the Hull Sharks in our ‘Game of the Week’. Barring a slip up from the Hull Sharks, Carnegies hunt for the North Eastern is all but over following their 23-6 loss at the weekend, but that’s not to say the playoffs are out of the question. It all starts with a victory over York at the weekend!
Next game – 9th December - @ York Centurions

25. Gloucester Gladiators (2-1)
No game for the Gladiators (in the theme tune of the Gladiators TV show) as their game against Worcester fell victim to the weather. Had the game gone ahead, there’s no doubt in my mind (and the rest of the country) that Gloucester would’ve beaten Worcester and would be rising up our rankings. Oh well, maybe next time.
Next game – 3rd February - @ Worcester Royals


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