Friday, 30 December 2011

Challenging Traditional thinking: Pulaski Academy

An interesting article by Sports Illustrated looking at the Pulaski Academy and their philosophy:

They never punt on 4th down, don't return punts and have a myriad of onside kick options to get the ball back after they score (or they just kick it out of bounds).

Far from being a mad cap approach to the game, Head Coach Kevin Keely's thinking is grounded on statistical facts factoring in the probablility of an opponent scoring from certain areas of the field and the average net return.

Why are coaches rooted to the tradition of punting the ball away, even if it goes against all statistical sense? Could an approach like this be viable in British American Football?


  1. interesting and enjoyable to watch. but i think i saw them recover the ball only once, every other time the opponent got the ball on the 50. Why not just kick the ball through the end zone for a touchback on the 20? or abolish the KO all together and after scores restart from the 20 going out. personally, that would make the game very dull as is being shown in the NFL with the KO point being on 40 now.

  2. i take it back they got the ball a few times

  3. I guess they are going to be far better drilled at onside kicks than anyother team-Andrew gambrill


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