Wednesday, 21 December 2011

GB Lions announce Positional coaches

From BAFA:

The GB Lions have announced the positional coaches for the Junior and Senior teams:

Junior Team Position Coaches:
Marco Fasulo (Defensive Line)
Francis Hatega (Linebackers)
Simon Purcell (Defensive Backs)
Ben Johnson (Offensive Line)
Jay Alexander (Running Backs)
Clive Palumbo (Wide Receivers)
Jonathan Rooney (Quarterbacks)

Senior Team Position Coaches:
Mark Moss (Defensive Line)
Ross Templeton (Linebackers)
Martin Hilton (Defensive Backs)
Anthony Fitzpatrick (Offensive Line)
Nick Rockell (Running Backs)
Andy Sweeney (Wide Receivers)
Ryan Baker (Tight Ends)

Congratualtions to all!


  1. some of the names on this list are an insult to the game UK. after everything we have been building to, some of these guys i wouldnt let coach an U11 flag team compared to guys who have been rejected.

  2. We always promote the freedom of posting what you want on this blog and normally I wouldn't respond to such a post, but I think posting a comment like the one above with an anonymous username is a little on the cowardly side.

    Considering all of these coaches play or coach at some of the top Uni or Senior programs in the UK I also fail to see your point about not letting them coach an U11 side.

    Overall, pretty poor form...

  3. Boo Yah! 6 coaches from the London Blitz!

  4. Just out of interest when do the coaches actually start doing their shiz for the GB team?

  5. Is there any idea of the objectives of the GB team, its not the best press release? OK so we're building something but what for, what are the expectations for try outs? Commitment?

  6. 9 of 22 coaches played or coach with Damian Anderson.

    One doesn't even coach a team. How is that fair and open process

  7. 13 of 22 did not play or Coach with Damian Anderson. All posts were advertised on the website and we received applications from across the British American Football community. Applications were short-listed against openly published criteria and interviews were held using standardised questions.
    I'm happy to field questions via
    National Programme aims and objectives are still being established. This is a new era in which to Build the Programme, Continue the Tradition and Restore the Roar.
    More to follow as we get closer to the try outs.
    Jon Wyse
    BAFA National Programme Committee

  8. The Blogger and his writing staff are unknown does that make them cowards

  9. Both the guys that run the site are listed as owners on the Facebook page for the blog, not exactly anonymous...

  10. Never heard of any of the senior coaches


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