Thursday, 26 January 2012

Dbl Coverage Announcement: NFL Digest

In the first three months of our short existence, we at Double Coverage have been working hard to bring you the latest and greatest news on American football in the UK and US. Recently though we have been a little neglectful of the US part of this pledge, as we have been focused on improving our UK coverage.

It is with this in mind that we are pleased to announce a partnership with NFL digest, a UK based blog focused entirely on the NFL.

NFL Digest is run by Nathan Sharrocks, a Journalism graduate from Central Lancashire and does work with the Lancashire Academy of American football. He also worked on Inside American Football with Gary Neesam, so has previous experience of writing about the British game as well.

He and his team have been going for a while now and we were so impressed with the quality of the work on the site that we asked to form a partnership with the site.

This means that both sites writers will work together to produce content for both sites, but don't worry, the amount and quality of the work won't drop on either site! NFL Digest will be working under Dbl Coverages Facebook page and will post regular updates linking you to their content, so be sure to like the newly branded page!

We will start with a two week trial period to see if the structure we have arranged will hold in the cold hard light of day, but we have every confidence that we will be working with Nathan and the NFL Digest team for a long time!

In the meanwhile NFL Digest will be using our Facebook page to keep you up to date with their awesome content and articles.

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