Monday, 16 January 2012

GB Doncaster Trial report

The first trials of a new era for the GB Lions began in Doncaster over weekend with over 130 players turning up to try and impress the new coaching staff.

Players representing many different teams turned up to the trials with teams such as Premier league new boys EKP Pirates and Leicester Falcons having several players in attendance. BUAFL programs such as the Derby Braves and Birmingham Lions were also amoung the myriad of uniforms and helmets on display throughout the day.

The trials were well attended
The trial began with a NFL style combine testing players measurables in the 40 yard dash, 20 yard shuttle and 3 cone drill.

After the measurables the players kitted up and moved out to the positional coaches for their individual workouts, some contact drills and finishing with a controlled team scrimmage.

Coach Callan runs the rule over the players
 We spoke to Head Coach Mike Callan after the trials and he said:

I think the trial went very well and the bar has been set for the future. We got what we wanted and the players responded to what we were asking.

There was a lot of excitement and players were flying around the football field. There was a great buzz to the day and after speaking to many of the players there afterwards, it felt like there was a good energy about the programme.

All the players worked their hardest out there. And it is going to be very competitive going forward. I am very pleased with the work and the effort of everyone that came out to the trial.

The coaches hit the ground running and dealt well when working with such a large number of players. Everyone worked well with each other

and also with the Junior Great Britain Coaches that came to observe and help on the day. It is very complete staff across the programme.

Special mention has to go to the facilities, which were top notch and the staff at Balby Carr were fantastic and a great help.
The next senior trial will take place in Bristol on the 4th of February (details found here) and the Juniour Lions start their trials on January the 28th in Hatfield and 4th February in Doncaster.

Photos were provided by Graham Beardsley photography, more can be found of the trial event at:

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