Monday, 9 January 2012

NFL Play of the Week: Tebow Time

Well, Tebow did it again...

His GM was calling on him during the week to be more aggressive and pull the trigger and on the first play of overtime he threw a perfect spiral that tore a hole in the Pittsburgh secondary. Was this divine intervention, or was this home field advantage really kicking in?

The Broncos came out in a double tight formation and motioned a receiver into the formation. During the game the Steelers had been keying this motion and rolling the safety down to counter the run play it often predicated. Ryan Mundy came charging down into the box to give the Steelers the numbers advantage.

The play action drags in all the linebackers leaving a huge area ehind them for Tebow to get the ball to Thomas. Originally the look given by the secondary was Cover 0 with no safeties high in the middle of the field (after Mundy rolled down into the box). However on the snap both corners take outside leverage on their recivers and start bailing to the hash. This is clearly not supposed to happen with no deep help in the middle of the field.

Now the picture has become much clearer and the coverage looks more like Cover 3 with all the linebackers and Polamalu (bottom hash) dropping into coverage. The key part of the coverage is safety Ryan Mundy, who should be in the deep middle zone. 

Thomas runs straight into the void on the easiest pitch and catch Tebow and he made all game. Tebow still throws the ball a little late (anticipation is a real weakness in his game), but all that matters is that it gets to Thomas in stride. The rest is all on Thomas who wins the footrace to the endzone.

No matter what happens next week in New England, Tebow has now at least earned the right to have a full season with pre season as the Broncos starting QB. It will be interesting to see the personnel moves Denver make to surround the polarising Tebow with talent.


  1. Nice stuff guys. Just some constructive criticism: i think you should let some graphic guy (if you know one) have a look at your website and see if you can slicken it up slightly with a different colour/font scheme or something. otherwise the content is spot on. good job

  2. We are already working on upgrading the website (and adding a load of new features), glad you enjoyed teh article though!

  3. I really enjoy these. Good job guys!

  4. Suggestion is that when Mundy rolls down, Polamalu is supposed to rotate. But either doesn't get a call from Mundy (remember Clark is the usual guy there) or doesn't realise.
    No way they're wanting they're wanting the FS to be coming forwards within 2yd of the LOS AND to have deep-middle. If he's up, either the coverage was to adjust or someone else has deep middle.

  5. I love what the broncos are doing with Tebow. I STILL don't think he is an @NFL Calibre QB' and think that the Broncos are supporting him with great gameplanning and personnel around him.

    the wrinkle they threw in wrt the boot play was terrific. again, overaggressive safety play was the key. the WR running the deep over route from the fake side read the FS jumping his crossing route and 'replaced' him depp vertically on the far hash. tebow read this and threw deep to him. should have been six, but again, tebow threw a little late.

    this was early in the game and designed to try to tone down the safety play for Pitt - worked here and also in OT!


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