Thursday, 16 February 2012

BUAFL Week 10 Predictions: SEC

RHUL Bears @ Canterbury Chargers
Wow, the bears got a real beat down from BNU this past week. I’m in no doubt the ground was probably terrible to play on, which usually lends itself to low scoring affairs, that is when you’re not facing a team that runs a double wing and is used to running. It seems the bad weather brings out the DW in everyone! I personally thought the Bears were making a comeback this year, revamping their image with the new logo. Although looking back now, the only two wins were against a rookie programme in the Westminster team, and the bottom end of our bottom 10 programme Surrey.

Canterbury haven’t played a game since Christmas, and there is the possibility of some cobwebs from the players, starting out slowly and perhaps the chance of injuries increasing due to lack of training. Even though Canterbury have played 4 games to the Bears 7, I think they have performed better over the year, with the 21-12 loss to Brighton being a good indication of the level. It’s hard not to feel for the lower teams in the TVC as that division is full of teams that are all of a good level, and it’s hard to know how playing those teams week in, week out translates to other divisions.

I think Canterbury have more to play for, a shot at the playoffs still in their sights if they win out. The Bears are playing for pride, last game of the season, go out fighting. I think it will be a close one, and depending on the relative depths of each squad could go either way. I’m going to give the edge to Canterbury.
Canterbury by 2TDs

Brighton Tsunami @ Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Another week, and undoubtedly another win for the Canes, who I’m sure are on cruise control. I’m sure they will be eager to rearrange the Kent game to actually play a team with some very small chance of an upset. Will Joe Thompson be affected by yesterdays Farnham Knights announcement?

Brighton are still a playoff contender (as most teams are in the SEC it seems!) but I can’t imagine they will have been looking forward to this fixture on their calendar.
Herts by 40.

LSBU Spartans @ Greenwich Mariners
I, like many others, thought LSBU were a team who hadn’t reached their potential. Perhaps we were proven wrong this past week with their defeat to the Pythons, and as has been said it would be good to see a match report from the game to see what happened!

Correct me if I’m wrong but were LSBU one of the feeder teams for the old, pre-single institution rule, Greenwich team? I’m sure this will be a hard hitting affair, and I think the mind frame of the Spartans going into the match will be the decider. If they come in focused on ‘ok we lost to a rookie programme, let’s focus on our game and get ourselves back into the playoff race!’ then they could well bring out the best in themselves. If they can’t put that loss behind them, I fear it may affect them on the field. My gut tells me Greenwich.
Greenwich by 1TD

Essex Blades @ UEA Pirates

This is perhaps the best match up in the SEC this week. Two teams that are competing for places in the plate playoffs, and some would say these are the most likely teams to be there considering their results and history. A loss to either team feeds them to the snapping heels of the teams just below in the rankings, so it’s a must win affair.

The only two results of any real significance from this season for these two teams was UEAs loss to LSBU, 21-8 and Essex’s nailbiting win of 13-12 against Greenwich. Both teams will be rusty after not having played for a couple of weeks, so I think the game will start off slowly. In the end, I see Essex edging it.
Essex by a TD

Anglia Ruskin Phantoms @ KCL Regents
Are ARU going to win a game this year? No. Even against a rookie programme? No. What tells you this? They didn’t beat the Pythons, the Regents beat the Pythons.
Regents win 28 - 6

Cambridge Pythons @ Kent Falcons
Rich has been unbearable this week talking about the power rankings and how he knew UEA should be above LSBU. We still aren't sure about the this claim, but what we do know is that the Cambridge Pythons will take advantage of any slack play from Kent. Thomas Piachaud is making a habit of meeting the opposition QB often and will be hoping to derail Kents offence by flustering the QB early.

The Falcons have been kept well and truly on their perch (PUN ALERT) by the poor weather and will look to get their playoff tilt back on track against a team many will consider to be an easy game.
Kent to win by 3 scores.


  1. greenwich and south bank have so much love loss between the 2 player and even coaches coming against each other game of the sec - with play offs in balance

  2. Lets have the TVC!

  3. KCL Regents aren't a rookie programme, they are a second year team...


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