Friday, 24 February 2012

BUAFL Week 11 predictions: MAC & Borders

Our final batch of predictions for the week with the MAC and Borders games.

Northampton Nemesis @ Nottingham Outlaws
Even with a full schedule around the MAC, all eyes will be on Grove Farm to see whether the Outlaws can halt the Nemesis’ unbeaten run and restore the old order in one of the league’s most competitive conferences.

Northampton have taken the league by storm so far with their 5-0 start, but have yet to face a side of any real post-season quality.  Nottingham meanwhile have taken on the cream of the MAC, and will reach the Challenge Trophy if they can defeat their remaining three opponents. Expect a close one.
Nottingham by less than a score

NTU Renegades @ Loughborough Aces
The Aces will be wondering what might have been after their second half comeback in the FAUK Bowl fell just short. With the loss they are now forced to ponder the possibility of a post season trip to the plate, as their play off lives are out of their hands.

NTU come into this one after smashing Worcester last Sunday, and know that a shock win would shuffle the top end of the MAC and take some pressure off the upcoming Robin Hood Bowl with Nottingham.  Unfortunately for them, a Cardinal and Gold backlash seems much more likely.
Loughborough by three scores

Staffordshire Stallions @ Worcester Royals
Oh dear Worcester.  Their 70-0 loss to NTU – which saw them hit rock bottom in the Powerless Rankings - must surely be their nadir, and things can really only get better.  Staffordshire also suffered a shutout loss last weekend – theirs coming at the hands of Leicester – but have shown signs of improvement thus far in 2011/12.

A contender for this week’s “Irrelevant Bowl”, the game has little implication other than on the pride of both of these teams.  Don’t expect a classic.
Staffordshire by four scores

Derby Braves @ Lincoln Colonials 
At the start of the season no one will have batted an eyelid at this game, maybe predicted something along the lines of Derby winning by 60. How times change! With Lincoln on the rise with 3 wins in a row and Derby struggling to stay afloat. This game may be a lot closer than we thought.

The Colonials don’t hold many big name players, with their only real threat of a player being from Alex Preece #80 a current GB Junior WR and Coventry Jet. Lincoln opt to run lots of reverses with him due to their lack of strength at the QB position, so if Derby’s defence can contain the reverse, we see little chance in Lincoln putting points on the board.

Derby have been talked to death this season. A team which once showed a possibility of beating Loughborough and breaking into the playoffs with known players such as Marcus Francis and Joe Brammer  are now on their knees. Last Sunday, rumours of Derby’s injury ridden roster were confirmed, travelling with a small squad and losing 8-0 to York.

Although they are at rock bottom and from what we’ve heard morale is incredibly low in the dressing room, we still believe Derby will be the better team and pull out the win against Lincoln. Lincoln who didn’t have to play MAC juggernaught Birmingham won’t have seen another passing team this year it will be a test for their secondary to see if they can cover the Braves receivers.
Derby Braves to win by 21

DMU Falcons @ Coventry Jets

Both teams have big numbers, both teams are trying to salvage some reputation, both teams have good experienced coaches and both teams try to pass the ball most of the game.

Coventry have been having Quarterback problems in a passing offense, a slight issue hen trying to run the spread offence.  DMU haven’t had much luck either, with coaching assistance from Britbowl winner and Ex Valencia Firebats QB Stuart Franklin .

This game is very close as both teams have the same issues. Based on their previous records we’re going to give this one to Coventry. From what we have seen of DMU their DB’s sit very deep and may just give Coventry enough room to get some sort of a pass game going.
Coventry Jets by 7

Birmingham Lions @ Warwick Wolves
With their game verses Lincoln cancelled, their game verses Derby cancelled, and a win against their nemesis Loughborough, the Lions are safely in the playoffs and we think that there is little chance of Warwick giving Birmingham any problems. Just a short trip across the city, Birmingham will be travelling to take on Warwick without injured Kyle Burrows.

We anticipate Birmingham may give some of their backups a turn to show what they can do such as WR Stefan Rowden. We expect this one to big a big win for Birmingham with Warwick struggling to push for first downs.
Birmingham Lions by 50


Stirling Clansmen @ Northumbria Mustangs
Stirling by a score

Sunderland Spartans @ EN Knights 
Spartans by 2 scores

Edinburgh Predators @ Durham Saints 
Preds by a score

Teesside Cougars @ UWS Pyros
Cougars by a score

Newcastle Raiders @ Glasgow Tigers
Raiders by two scores


  1. Lincoln v Derby has been postpone until the 11th March.

    1. Any reason? Or is it another game called off because a club hasn't got a pitch?

    2. Not able to find a pitch that could be used on a Saturday. The game was due on Saturday because one of the teams wanted proper referees for the match.

  2. Not wishing to become the borders writer but: Edinburgh should beat Durham by two or three scores, knights should beat spartans. Raiders by three scores.


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