Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Week 11 Powerless Rankings: Rankings 15-1

 Worcester's season gets worse as they struggle to get their star jumps in sync...

Once again it’s time for our powerless rankings as we bring shame to the fifteen worst teams in BUAFL so far this year. With a number of teams on last week’s powerless rankings winning, we see quite a bit of movement around, but only the Lancaster Bombers who scraped to a 3-0 win over Huddersfield, and the Staffordshire Stallions who dismantled the Worcester Royals, managed to avoid being on this week’s list!

Enough badgering around, onwards to the rankings!

15. Coventry Jets (1-5)
The first spot on our powerless rankings was a tough decision between Durham and Coventry (Brunel have scored way more points, so they weren’t in the discussion for this week), ultimately we went with the Jets because of their poor average points against record compared to Durham. Despite claiming their first win of the season, Coventry’s excitement might be short lived as they host the Nottingham Outlaws gunning for the final playoff spot in the MAC.

14. Westminster Dragons (1-5)
After suffering their fifth loss of the season to the previously winless Gloucester Gladiators, the Westminster Dragons find themselves making their first appearance of the year on the powerless rankings. Even if the first year SEC team end up losing the rest of their games, they will still have the victory over Surrey to remember their season by. Not bad considering some veteran teams have yet to register a win this year.

13. DMU Falcons (1-5)
DMU are welcomed to the powerless rankings after their 30-13 loss at the hands of the Coventry Jets. After starting off their season with a win, the rookie team have now lost their fifth straight game to find themselves at the penultimate spot in the MAC with only two games remaining in their season.

12. Teesside Cougars (1-6)
A week after being ranked as the seventh worst team in the country, Teesside find themselves moving up five places in our rankings after their two score victory over the UWS Pyros. With their first win of the season, the Cougars no longer find themselves rooted to the bottom of the Borders conference and will now be looking to upset the Glasgow Tigers in their final game of the season, but we don’t see that happening.

11. Bath Spa Bulldogs (1-5)
The Bulldogs drop a few places this week after their loss in the ‘Hygiene Bowl’ to cross town rivals Bath Killer Bees. Despite the loss, Bath Spa remains the highest seeded SWAC team in the powerless rankings because of their earlier season blowout over the Gladiators. With Worcester coming to town on Sunday, the Bulldogs will most likely get their second win of the season which could see them off the list this time next week.

10. UWS Pyros (1-6)
Last week we said the Pyros could earn their second win of the season with a win over Teesside, boy were we wrong. The 26-12 loss in the Toilet Bowl see’s the Pyros moving below the Cougars not only in our power rankings, but also in the Borders conference. If UWS don’t want to finish at the bottom of their respective conference they’ll need to beat Edinburgh in their final game of the season.

9. Gloucester Gladiators (1-4)
The Gladiators were more than ready to take on their contenders as they earned their first win of the season over the one win Westminster Dragons. With three games remaining on their schedule, the Gladiators will most likely be unable to complete all of their fixtures. No doubt they will be hoping their game against Worcester gets re-organised for Varsity to extend their winning streak to three games against their bitter rivals.

8. Liverpool Fury (0-3)
We regret to announce that this review has been postponed to a later date…

7. MMU Eagles (0-6)
Let’s be honest, who expected the Eagles game against LJM to go ahead at the weekend? With the game postponed (most likely cancelled) and teams below them winning their first game of the season, MMU slide down in this week’s PR. MMU can restore some pride to their rookie season as they take on the Tyrants in the Manc Bowl this coming Sunday.

6. Manchester Tyrants (0-6)
The other Manchester Uni had no game this weekend, as both teams remaining on their schedule were supposed to square off in Liverpool. Whilst it’s been a somewhat forgettable season for the Tyrants, they will be hoping that they can pull a victory out of the bag on Sunday when they take on local rivals MMU. Hopefully they can get their game against LJM rescheduled, but logic suggests that won’t be happening anytime soon.

5. Huddersfield Hawks (0-6)
Huddersfield were so close to their first victory of the season at the weekend as they lost 3-0 to the Lancaster Bombers, but if your offence can’t muster up any points then it doesn’t matter if you lose 3-0 or 50-0. The Hawks will be taking on LJM and Bangor in a triple header on Sunday which depending on the results, could see the Hawks rising or plummeting in the powerless rankings this time next week.

4. Tarannau Aberystwyth (0-6)
Tarannau almost caused another upset of the year as they took the Bangor Muddogs to overtime. Unfortunately for Aber, they were unable to get the ball in the endzone resulting in their sixth loss of the season. According to the BUAFL fixtures, Aber and Gloucester are playing Cardiff this week. This might suggest that both teams are only playing one half against the Cobras which could cause a shock result in the year of the upset.

3. Surrey Stingers (0-6)
First off – well done to the Stingers for completing their game against BNU a week after their games against the Stags was called at half time. That’s pretty much the highlight of their weekend as they lost 51-0 to the Bucs. Surrey now have to travel up to take on the Portsmouth Destroyers who are currently on a three game losing streak. I know we like making bold predictions, but don’t expect a Stingers upset!

2. Anglia Ruskin Phantoms (0-6)
With no game at the weekend, the Phantoms find themselves at the number two spot for the second straight week. With a forfeited loss on their record this year, it’s safe to say that Anglia Ruskin were hoping for better when they returned to BUAFL after taking a year out.

1. Worcester Royals (0-6)
The Royals retain the number one spot for another week after getting hammered 36-0 at the hands of the Staffordshire Stallions. For the third straight game, Worcester failed to put any points on the board whilst giving up more than 35 points…pretty poor outing from a team in their third competitive season. If Worcester are going to win a game (or score a point in 2012) their offence will need to generate more than one first down. It might be time for a change from the top down for the Royals!


  1. The Gladiators are playing Cardiff on Sunday, and a Friendly against Aberystwyth after as well. Hopefully have Swansea and Worcester rescheduled!

  2. not a friendly - the matches are being played as a double header - 2 quarters each, both for regular season results.

    1. Direct Quote from Andy Fuller

      ''This will see Cardiff play 2 x 15m quarters against Gloucester in the first game - KO: 12.30

      This will see Cardiff play 2 x 15m quarters against Tarannau in the second game.

      This will see Gloucester play 2 15m quarters against Tarannau in a third (friendly) game.

      The earlier kick-off is to ensure good light. ''

    2. ah - I miss-interpreted what you wrote (thought you meant Aber @ Cardiff was a friendly) - didn't know about the 3rd match.

    3. No you're right.

      Cardiff v Gladiators - League
      Cardiff v Aber - League
      Aber v Gladiators - Friendly (Hopefully change it to a League game maybe)

      As Aber and Glads need to play Cardiff, and with such a tight finish to the league, we have a half each. Which is a bit, odd, if you ask me!

    4. Three teams playing each other on the same Sunday in 2x15 quarters each. Now, to come up with that solution to your own poor scheduling must take a different kind of retard. Isn't that right, Andy Fuller?

  3. You take the piss out of Worcester a lot. I swear used to play for them, cut them some slack lool.

    1. Cut them slack? What have they ever done right to earn some slack?

    2. The team and committee are a shambles...they don't deserve slack

    3. Anon comment the other day; "I wonder if dbl coverage will back off the gladiators and start ripping into worcester more"

      Anon comment today; "You take the piss out of Worcester a lot"

      You guys must be excellent journalists for people to think you are biased both for and against Worcester!

    4. Well, as a Worcester Alumni, they have the right to be Bias to Worcester, but with their performances, is there anyway they can be bias towards them?!

    5. To cut the slack, let's hope they get a good rookie intake and a decent off season. It can turn a team around from powerless to powerful just like that!

    6. That wont happen to Worcester. Its Worcester ffs. I mean seriously you have seen the pictures I bet #78 is their star player.

      I want to see them go to America and get dicked on by a pee wee team. I would pay to watch that. It could give them some money towards a American Football for dummies book as they need someone to show them how to play football and I think Forrest Gump has a higher IQ then their team combined.

    7. Offering very good odds Worcester go to DW next year.

  4. Durham should be in here. 1 win in the abysmal Borders conference, and they havent completed a schedule in 3 years now.


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