Friday, 30 November 2012

Game of the Week- QB Seb Gogerly

What can you tell us about your opponent?
They're a tough opposition who are well disciplined and play physical football. Its a close game everytime we play them and we'll be looking to keep their offense off the scoreboard for as much of the game as possible.

What will be the deciding factor in the game in your opinion?
Big plays on offense. We are two defensively stingy teams and it'll take a few big plays on offense or special teams to get points on the board I think.

Any players on your team to watch out for?
We have a variety of players in plenty of positions on the field that can heavily impact the outcome of a game. We will execute well as a unit and let the experiences players make plays.

Any players on the other team to watch out for?
As I've mentioned they have a stout defence so they're entire unit of LBs will need to be considered when we bring out our game plan offensively.

Do you consider this a rivalry game?
Not necessarily a rivalry game but this match will probably be our hardest of the season and could decide who will go on to win the division. We are treating it like a playoff game due to its importance and we'll be playing hard.

How has the team improved from last year’s game?
We lost alot of seniors but we held depth in key positions. Offensively we improved alot in working as a unit and as a team we are more committed this year. We'll be playing a physical game on defence and flowing to the ball like we have all year. It should be a great game

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