Friday, 16 November 2012

NFL Predictions Week 11

A very average week, with a few upsets but mainly just some dumb calls on my part – this week looks like another cracker though so let’s hope I can claw back a little respectability.

Week 9: 8-6
Overall: 79-68

Thursday Night:
Dolphins @ Bills

AFC West show down on Thursday night, and this week starts off with a really tough one to call. A week ago I wouldn't have hesitated to take Miami, but with last Sunday's results I'm in two minds. I’ll ere on the side of caution and take the home side, but you may as well flip a coin for this one.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Bills by 3 (OT)

Sunday Early Wave:
Cardinals @ Falcons

The Falcons have been excellent all year, and despite their narrow loss to the Saints they are still easily one of the top 5 teams right now. The Cardinals meanwhile peaked epically early and have now lost 5 straight games. Despite the fact I like how their defence matches up with Atlanta’s offence, this is still only going one way.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Falcons by 10

Buccaneers @ Panthers

Tampa continue to look a threat, whereas Carolina continue to lose games. Could well be a tight one, but although the Panthers clearly aren't playing to their potential this is Tampa’s game to lose.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Buccs by 7

Browns @ Cowboys

This isn't as obvious as it looks. The Browns are better than many people think (especially on defence), whereas the Cowboys are maddeningly inconsistent. Cleveland also performed well against San Diego, who in my mind are a similar style of team to the 'Boys (terrible ownership/coaching, retarded QB play, vertical offence, underrated 3-4 defence). That said, I'm going still going with Dallas because, well, it is the Browns.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Cowboys by 7

Packers @ Lions

GB are coming fresh off the bye and the Lions a sobering loss to the Vikings. It sure looks a lock, but being a divisional game means there's always an increased chance of an upset.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Packers by 10

Jaguars @ Texans

Arguably the best (and at home) vs arguably the worst – they don’t get much easier than this. There is no way the Texans are going to lose this game… I will name my firstborn child Gabbert if the Jaguars manage to pull off the upset here. The Texans have been blowing better teams out all year, and won’t stop now.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Texans by 17

Bengals @ Chiefs

Interesting match-up. The Bengals just dominated the Giants, whereas the Chiefs just put in a good showing at Pittsburgh in their narrow OT loss – showing that this game is a lot easier if you don’t turn the ball over every other drive (until you do in over-time obviously, can’t stray too far away from Chiefs’ football). For some reason I'm smelling an upset so will authorise this with a warning label attached.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Bengals by 6

Jets @ Rams

The Jets look likely to lose another straight NFC West match-up after falling to the impressive Seahawks. The Rams, on the other hand, are coming off a surprisingly strong performance with their rare draw vs SF. St. Louis. At home with Danny A. back they are a tough test for anyone, let alone the floundering Jets. Could Tebow be QB1 and throw a magical spanner in my prediction?

DBL Coverage Prediction: Rams by 10

Eagles @ Redskins

Philly are well and truly on the rocks, and Andy Reid is a dead man walking. The Skins are at home and (whilst neck and neck divisionally) have a lot more to play for with the young and promising RG3 an encouraging lease of life compared to the Eagles' banged up, ageing and much maligned Vick. There’s no guarantee he’ll even start as the recipient of one of many quarterback injuries last weekend.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Redskins by 7

Sunday Second Wave:

Saints @ Raiders

New Orleans just knocked off the previously undefeated Falcons, and are travelling to a team that just got torn apart by Baltimore. My only concern is the Saints suspect run defence could face a long day vs the Raiders talented (if healthy) backs. That proviso aside, I’m backing the Saints to continue their comeback with another healthy victory.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Saints by 10

Colts @ Patriots

Whilst Luck was far from perfect in Jacksonville last week, I think he will continue to do enough to at least make it close against the Pats. New England though are clearly the better side, and whilst Indy are having quite the surprise season – it looks set to hit a road bump here.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Patriots by 6

Chargers @ Broncos

I don't think the Chargers are done, and certainly have a shot in this game. That said, I expect the Broncos to win. Talent wise it should be close, but given how bad SD are at playing from behind it seems far more likely they will implode in the 4th rather taking the game to a nail-biter. The Chargers just aren't any good as keeping games within their reach in clutch situations. Bear in mind though that Norv is playing for his job at this stage (here’s hoping they lose out and he isn’t allowed within 2 miles of an NFL franchise ever again).

DBL Coverage Prediction: Broncos by 10

Sunday Night:
Ravens @ Steelers

Very tough game to call. Two very solid teams and I think this one could well go down to the wire, but the Ravens looked far more impressive coming off last week’s performances – which are quite comparable as they both hosted far weaker opposition with very different results. Whatever the result this rivalry is always great to watch, and with Big Ben ruled out it’s clearly advantage Baltimore.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Ravens by 3

Monday Night:
Bears @ 49ers

With both QBs questionable with concussions this game could get very interesting. If either team has their QB1 cleared to start and the other doesn’t then of course they have the obvious upper hand, but all things being equal I’ll take the 49ers to show the Bears up on prime time. That o-line is among the worst around, and San Fran’s brutal defence should make mincemeat of it. The Bears are of course packing their own lethal dark side, so this should be a classic defensive grinder.

DBL Coverage Prediction: 49ers by 3

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