Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Britball Does Movember

Last month saw a number of players from Britball take part in Movember. Below are the photos that were sent to us by all involved. Well done to everyone who took part and raised money for the cause!

Michael Gill was the first person to send in a picture of his Mo, and we give him top marks for the handlebar look.

Jason Smith, Barry McCarthy and the UCLan Rams OLine got into the Movember spirit.

Zack Bevan almost dropped the Gloucester Gladiators out of our Power Rankings when he sent us a picture with the 'duck face' pose, but the team were saved by Levi Smith...

That. Is. Fantastic.

The comment attached with this photo was "my best effort." Let's hope Christopher Bicker is kidding...

A double Mo? Daniel Griffin got this moustache tattoo after an office bet. Dan and four other colleagues raised over £500 pound.

Sam Broughton was one of many Sheffield Sabres to take part in Movember. The Sabres ended up raising £3, 256. http://uk.movember.com/mospace/network/BMOCUK

Michelangelo Donatello-Raphael Leonardo Whitston (yes, that is his real name), was the only person to send  us a picture of a pink Mo.

Last, but not least is Double Coverage's own Pikachu. Why he's posing, we do not know...

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