Thursday, 20 December 2012

GB Uni Lions squad announced!


Announcing the squad, Coach Hill said “The Great Britain coaching staff were impressed by the talent on view at the Loughborough trials and the decision-making process was difficult. That said, we believe we have selected a great group of athletes who will represent British student football well when we travel to Sweden.”

The squad announced today is slightly larger than the final squad which will travel to Sweden. This is in order for Coach Hill and his staff to continue to evaluate the players to ensure the highest calibre of players represent the programme in Sweden.

Full squad list:
Position / Name / Institution.
QB Tristain Varney - Birmingham
QB Joe Thompson - Hertfordshire
QB James Slack - Loughborough
QB Jake Simpson - Surrey
QB James Cunningham - Hertfordshire

RB Daniel Conroy - Birmingham
RB Adam Hope - Loughborough
RB Jamie Welsh - Napier
RB Xavier Ajuwon - BCU
RB Richard Adiyia - Staffordshire
RB Curtis Williston - Aberstwyth

OL Thomas Levick - Birmingham
OL Ryan King - Hertfordshire
OL Craig Harris - Birmingham
OL Hamish Coull - Napier
OL James Connolly - Loughborugh
OL Alec Butcher - NTU
OL Leroy Owusu-Addae - Manchester
OL Sam Molnar - Loughborough
OL Harry Levick - Southampton
OL Max Coventry - Hertfordshire

TE Rob Cartwright - NTU

WR Nicholas Bagnall - Hertfordshire
WR Kieran Cutlan - Wales Trinity
WR James Draper - Loughborugh
WR Chris Green - UWE
WR Jordan Hibbert - Bedfordshire
WR Dominic Husbands - Hertfordshire
WR Williams Hussey - Birmingham
WR Stefan Rowden - Birmingham
WR Tom Singleton-Wells - Derby
WR James Cherry - Kingston
WR Mark Hughes - Christchurch

DL Joishua Vines - Birmingham
DL Jonathon Varney - Loughborough
DL Lloyd Scott - Portsmouth
DL Ike Obiaio - DMU
DL Chukwuemeka Ezenwoye - Brighton
DL Edward Cheadle - Birmingham
DL Craig Alexander - Bath
DL Alex Price - Loughborough
DL Joshua Gaff - Loughborough

LB James Armah - Gloucester
LB Matthew Eva - Loughborough
LB Dominic Gould - Hertfordshire
LB Sam Marshall - Birmingham
LB Greg Pearson - Birmingham
LB Ryan Strachan - Napier
LB Fredrick Gough - Leeds
LB Harry Shelton - Hertfordshire
LB Maxwell Petitjean - Birmingham
LB Piers Harrison-Reid - UEA

CB Marcus Boswell - NTU
CB A-Jay Crabbe - Birmingham
CB Greg Freeman - Birmingham
CB Chris Parr - Northampton
CB Cameron Parker - UWE
CB Joe Parsons - Loughborough

SAF David Jennison - Hertfordshire
SAF David Saul - Sheffield
SAF Frazer Magunda - Birmingham
SAF Stefan Rivera-Gonzalez - Hertfordshire
SAF John Kenyon - Loughborough
SAF Julian Morgan - Birmingham

Specialists Alexander Lenkowski - Loughborough

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