Wednesday, 19 December 2012

NFL Predictions: Week 16

A solid week of predicting among a week of blow outs in the NFL. It's almost refreshing after all the upsets and narrow results this year to see teams flexing their muscles on Statement Sunday and with the play-offs a mere fortnight away it should be an exciting end to the 2012 season.

Week 15 = 11-5

Overall = 142-83

Saturday Night Football:

Falcons @ Lions
After Atlanta's demolition of the Giants and the Lions' lop-sided loss to Arizona, this one is something of a no-brainer. I do think Detroit will make it competitive though.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Falcons by 7

Sunday First Wave:

Raiders @ Panthers
Carolina looked hot versus San Diego, and the Raiders beat the Chiefs on 5 Janikowski field goals... This is another game that on paper looks very one sided, but could well be closer than many will predict.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Panthers by 3

Saints @ Cowboys
The Cowboys squeeze by the Steelers, and with everything on the line for them in a deadlocked NFC East I'll stick with Romo and co. to win again.

DBL Coverage Prediction:  Cowboys by 7

Chargers @ Jets
Both looked extremely sub-par last weekend, however San Diego's problems are more consistency based, whereas the Jets are just suffering from an obscene lack of talent. With that in mind I'll roll with San Diego to grab a solid victory, especially as the Jets are giving in and starting McElroy.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Chargers by 14

Titans @ Packers
The Titans looked pretty rough despite a win over the rougher Jets, and there’s no reason to suspect this should even be close.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Packers by 17

Vikings @ Texans
The Texans should win, but the Vikings comfortably saw off the Rams to remain in play-off contention. AP will be running hard for the rushing record, but even he won’t be quite enough to tip the scales their way.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Texans by 7

Patriots @ Jaguars
An upset for the Patriots at home, and I'll back Belichick to bounce back with a ruthless win as he invariably does following a bad loss, especially against such a weak team.

DBL Coverage Prediction:  Patriots by 21

Colts @ Chiefs
Luck and the Colts lose to the Texans and will have to content themselves with a (still impressive) wild card berth. They should see off the stagnant Chiefs by at least a score.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Colts by 10

Bills @ Dolphins
Buffalo just got walloped by the Seahawks, but I can't see them doing an Arizona and bouncing back from their 50-burger with a win over Miami.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Dolphins by 7

Redskins @ Eagles
RG3 will be back for this one, and with an NFC East title just 2 wins away they won't take their foot off the gas now. HTTR.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Redskins by 10

Bengals @ Steelers
Pivotal AFC North show-down that will decide the remaining 2nd AFC wildcard slot. I like the Bengals to win this one, finally coming out of the Steelers' shadow in the division's hierarchy.

DBL Coverage Prediction:  Bengals by 3

Rams @ Buccs
With both teams coming off tough losses this could go either way, but I'll hesitantly back Tampa to snag a narrow win at home.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Buccs by 7

Sunday Second Wave

Browns @ Broncos
The Broncos comfortably saw off the Ravens, and the Browns fell to Cousins and the Skins. At home, Denver should repeat fairly easily versus a weaker AFC North outfit.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Broncos by 14

Giants @ Ravens
Big game here, and one both teams will be desperate not to lose. I think the Giants will be a touch more desperate however, and I like them to win and maintain pace in the East by the narrowest of margins.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Giants by 1

Bears @ Cardinals
Despite Arizona  grabbing a nice win versus Detroit, I like Chicago to come in and pump the brakes on their late season slide in a confident victory for the Bears.

DBL Coverage Prediction: Bears by 10

Sunday Night

49ers @ Seahawks
Very tough one to call, with both coming off huge wins and still all to play for in the NFC West. I’m going to extremely hesitantly back the visiting Niners, who control their own destiny for the NFC West crown. This should be a fantastic game, and as unpredictable as any we've seen this season. One thing’s for sure, the Hawks won’t be a running up the score this week.

DBL Coverage Prediction: 49ers by 3

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