Monday, 7 January 2013

BUAFL Big Board Rankings Part Three

Part three of our big board takes a look at the teams ranked 41-50.

If this were a person’s age, they’d be called ‘the golden forties’ (don’t understand why, no one actually gives you any gold), but in football terms, it know as the period when a team is in limbo and settled with being a completely average team.

Enjoy the list!

41. Staffordshire Stallions (1-2)
It’s been an up and down season for the Stallions in their new conference. Looking at their recent history, the Stallions will most likely be happy with the fact they’re 1-2 at the Winter break. What the team should be worried about is their combined total for their two losses. 12 points scored to 62 conceded isn’t going to convince anyone that the Stallions will be improving any time soon.

Mid-season grade – D – New conference, same results. If their D can shore up in 2013, the Stallions could end up playing the spoiler role in many teams play-off hopes. If their D can’t shore up, it will be off to the ‘powerless rankings’ for the Stallions!

42. Northumbria Mustangs (2-3)
Just like the Stallions, the Mustangs found themselves in a new conference for the 2012/13 season, and also like the Stallions, the Mustangs have had an up and down season. The Mustangs current form stands at LWLWL. The two wins came against the one win Durham Saints and York Centurions, whilst the Mustangs have fallen to the Sunderland Spartans, Leeds Carnegie and Leeds Celtics. If Northumbria sticks to their current trend, they’ll finish the season 4-4 and out of the play-offs.

Mid-season grade – D – The change of conferences have clearly effected the Mustangs who find themselves all but out of the play-off hunt. The team must be hoping they can find some form in 2013.

43. Canterbury Chargers (1-3)
We were constantly changing our minds on who to rank higher on this list, Canterbury or KCL. Ultimately, we went with Canterbury because they've lost two games by only a single point, and two of their three losses has come against teams who are currently undefeated. If the Chargers had a wish list for 2013, it will most be a kicker who can help them win these close games. We believe Blair Walsh isn't doing anything for a while...

Mid-season grade – C – The Chargers are two safeties away from being a playoff challenger. The only suggestion we have for this team is that they find a way to close games out early as they keep finding themselves in close games.

44. KCL Regents (1-3)
Just like their fixture during the regular season, KCL have lost out to the Chargers by just a single digit and find themselves at the number 44 spot. Before their crushing loss against the Hertfordshire Hurricanes (a game in which KCL ended the ‘Canes regular season run of scoring 50 or more points in a game), the Regents were 1-2 with a +49 points difference. Had the team been able to muster up a FG in their game vs. Canterbury or another TD vs. Imperial Immortals, they’d be starting 2013 with a 3-1 record and a real shot of the play-offs...Unfortunately, you don’t win games on ifs and buts!

Mid-season grade – C – As we pointed out, KCL are only two scores away from being a playoff contending team in the SEC. As soon as the team finds a consistent offence to go with their defence, KCL could be a team to watch in 2013 and beyond.

45. Newcastle Raiders (1-3)
It’s not been the best of seasons for the Newcastle Raiders. First off, they lost their long time Head Coach Ben Johnson and Offensive Co-Ordinator Jonathan Rooney before the season began, and now the team has a losing record for the first time in quite some time. Fortunately for the Raiders, their 47-0 victory over the winless Cougars saved the team from dropping below the 50 mark.

Mid-season grade – D – Clearly a transition year for the Raiders, so it was always going to be difficult for the team. Just remember that their three losses have come against Bradford, Hull and Leeds Celtics.

46. Cardiff Cobras (1-3)
To say it’s been a poor season for the Cobras would be an understatement. The SWAC powerhouse has gone from the championship play-offs to a 1-3 record that includes losses to Bristol, UWE and Tarannau Aberystwyth in the Welsh Bowl. Even more shocking is the fact that the Cobras have been shut out twice during their three game losing streak...Their 20-15 victory over the Exeter Demons seems like it was a long, long time ago.

Mid-season grade – F – Three loses, two shut-outs  averaging less than seven points per game...not something from a team who were expected to compete for the SWAC title.

47. Swansea Titans (1-3)
Take out their 54-16 victory over the winless Bath Spa Bulldogs and it’s been a pretty woeful for the Titans. A two point loss to the Gloucester Gladiators followed by two shut out losses to the UWE Bullets and Bath Killer Bees had the Titans sitting with an 0-3 record in the SWAC before their win against Bath Spa to close out 2012. Fortunately for the Titans, their first game in 2013 is against the Worcester Royals.

Mid-season grade – C – No surprises with the losses to UWE and BKB. The loss to the Gladiators was a bit of an eyebrow raiser, but considering how well the the Gladiators are doing now, the Titans actually put up quite a good performance.

48. Reading Knights (1-2)
Considering there are two teams with one win, but worse records than Reading, it may be a surprise that the team find themselves ranked so low. Well, there’s two reason for this poor rankings. 1) Reading beat the lowly Surrey Stingers. 2) Reading have been shut out in both of their losses whilst conceding 56 points. If the Knights can’t sort themselves out anytime soon, it could be a long 2013 for the team from the TVC. If only they had a GB co-ord as their HC...

Mid-season grade – F – Straight up fail. You can’t fire your HC in the summer for no valid reason and then put in poor performances the following year. That’s just disgraceful! Looking at their remaining schedule, the team will be lucky if they go 3-5 this season...

49. Durham Saints (1-1)
Without the unofficial forum, people may be forgetting that Durham are less than impressive (to put it a nice way), but judging by their 1-1 record, the team may be on the up. However, Durham’s only victory of the season did come against the winless Teesside Cougars and the margin of victory was only two points, so we’re expecting the Saints to revert to their less than impressive ways in the second half of the season.

Mid-season grade – B – So far so good for the Saints. A 1 in W column and a .500 record at the Winter break is better than most people expected for this North East team. It helps that they’ve only played two games though...

50. ARU Rhinos (1-2)
After a terrible start for the Rhinos (the Head Coach left 24 hours before their first ever game) and a two game losing streak, the rookie team from ARU achieved their first win in BUAFL with a 24-18 victory over the Greenwich Mariners. After three games it’s difficult to judge just how good this team will be. We’re just hoping they don’t end up like the other team from ARU...

Mid-season grade – B – Another B in today’s rankings! No one would've predicted this team to have claimed a win in 2012 following the loss of their Head Coach, but the team has come together and claimed a huge scalp over an established team in the Greenwich Mariners.

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