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Midseason Power Rankings Part One, Rankings 51-72

Oh 2012, you’ve flown by so fast. It seems like just yesterday when we were watching the FAUK bowl or enjoying Danny Pyle run for more than 2,000 yards. But that was last season, not this season, and now it’s time to turn our attention to the midseason power rankings sponsored by the lack of sleep foundation.

In this article we take a look at the less than impressive teams in the 2012/13 season, and provide a midseason grade because we decided to spice up the article!

Anyways, I’m like an old man going on about his stories that never seem to have an ending...Ah yes, the list. Enjoy!

62. Westminster Dragons (0-3)
Two losses to playoff teams in the SEC and a seven point loss against the Greenwich Mariners condemns the Dragons to the number 62 spot. With their game against LSBU being postponed twice, the Dragons know that there will be at least one game in 2013 that they stand a chance of winning because as it stands, the teams they face either have a winning record (Imperial) or have one win under their belt (KCL beat ARU, ARU beat Greenwich, Greenwich beat Westminster).

Midseason grade – E – Could do better, but it could be worse. With LSBU on their schedule twice in the New Year, the Dragons stand a good chance of not going 0-8.

63. Royal Holloway Bears (0-4)
Following their awful 2012 schedule, the Bears get a nice start to 2013 with games against Oxford and Surrey. If the Bears can stop giving away a high number of penalties, they should be odds on favourites to win both of those games.

Midseason grade – C – They’ve had an awful schedule which most teams would struggle with. We like the fact that they haven’t forfeited a game either!

64. Lancaster Bombers (0-4)
Before their final game against Derby, the Bombers ranking and midseason grade would have been very, very low, but their high scoring affair saved them from a big ol’ fail. Nevertheless, the first half of the season has been poor for Lancaster in their new conference.

Midseason grade – E – They may have scored a high number of points, but they’re still having a terrible season. If things don’t change in 2013, the Bombers could be further down on our list come the end of the season.

65. Edinburgh Napier Knights (0-3)
When you’re averaging 4.25 points per game, you’re having a bad season, but when you remember that all of the Knights points came in one game, you remember that they’re having a really bad season. At least they’ve got two Edinburgh derbies to look forward to!

Midseason grade – F – Winless in a conference that has four other opponents is never a good thing, it’s even worse when you remember that this team had a 3-5 record last season.

66. Wolverhampton Wildcats (0-1)
As we pointed out in the previous powerless rankings, the Wildcats have well and truly been shafted by bad pitches and the weather. With seven games to complete in 2013 (I’m calling this now, two of those games won’t be played) it could be a long year for the new boys in the MAC. To be fair, when you’re called Wolverhampton but play in Walsall, you know you’re in for a rough ride (Yes, we know the sports campus is based in Walsall, the guy who writes this article is from Wolverhampton, but even he thinks it stupid to play in a different town.)

Midseason grade – U – Not completed enough games to be given a grade.

67. Teesside Cougars (0-4)
New conference, similar results. The Cougars are winless once again and it doesn’t look as if this will change any time soon. Therefore, the team needs to try and get through their 2013 portion of the season as quickly and as painless as possible!

Midseason grade – F – No wins and a loss to Durham. Doesn't look like there’s much hope for Teesside!

68. Oxford Lancers (0-3)
It’s been a tough welcome into the league for the new boys in the TVC. At least 2013 may provide a glimmer of hope with the possibility of a few Americans moving to Oxford in the new semester, well, the Lancers coaching staff are hoping that they do!

Midseason grade – D – Did anyone really expect them to claim a win in the most competitive conference in BUAFL? We didn’t! Therefore, they’re doing alright...

69. Bath Spa Bulldogs (0-4)
It’s amazing how a team can go from a 3-5 record to 0-4 and the fourth worst ranked team in the country. At least there’s one positive to look forward to, the Bulldogs have the Royals on their schedule in the New Year (and the Bulldogs did come good at the end of last season, so who knows?!)

Midseason grade – F – We expected the Bulldogs to do better considering how they ended the previous season. We’ll be surprised if the team can turn this around.

70. Surrey Stingers (0-4)
For a team that has some of the best training facilities in BUAFL, it’s very odd that the team continues to recruit no athletes. Expect more of the same in 2013 unless the team gets a Christmas miracle!

Midseason grade – F – the punch bag of the TVC continues to put in poor performances. One day, we want to see Worcester vs. Surrey just so we can see who is the worst of the worst.

71. Worcester Royals (0-3)
2012 comes and goes with the Royals still yet to register a win in a competitive fixture. We’re all hoping that 2013 brings better fortune for the Royals as it’s about time the boys claimed a victory. At least their photographer always provides players, both home and away, with new profile pictures after each game!

Midseason grade – F – Do they deserve an F considering they’re playing at the level everyone expected? We vote yes.

72. DMU Falcons (0-4)
No wins, no points, no chance of getting off the bottom spot. That’s all folks!

Midseason grade – F – As it stands, DMU suck as much as our broken site (remember the one that crashes all the time). At least they play (possibly) Wolverhampton in 2013!

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