Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Week Eight Powerless Rankings

Oh boy it’s been a while! The last time we released a Powerless Ranking it was 2012! How time flies!

What a great start we’ve had to 2013! A number of one or no win teams claimed a ‘W’ during rivalry weekend. The Durham Saints don’t seem to be poo anymore (it;'s an inside joke) and posses a winning record. Brighton are 5-0 after defeating the Destroyers and Stags. Two teams (Lincoln and LSBU) are possibly forfeiting their remaining fixtures due to unfortunate circumstances. I’m sure there’s something else but it slips my mind...oh well, onto the rankings!

10. Lincoln Colonials (1-5)
We didn’t expect the Colonials to be re-entering the Powerless Rankings at the start of 2013, but thanks to other results, two straight forfeits and the news that the team may be pulling out of the remainder of the season due to their search for a new HC coming up short, the Colonials slide down to the number ten spot this week. Deep down we’re hoping the Colonials can find a HC and finish the season out, but all the sounds coming from the Lincoln camp suggest they won’t. Sad times.

Next game – vs. Coventry Jets – 9th February

9. Royal Holloway Bears (0-4)
No games for the Bears so far in 2013, meaning they remain in our Powerless Rankings for another week. With Surrey scheduled for this upcoming weekend, this may be the last time we see the Bears in our rankings for weeks.

Next game – @ Surrey Stingers – 10th February

8. Teesside Cougars (0-4)
Just like the Royal Holloway, Teesside’s team name is a deadly animal...Oh yeah; they’ve not played a game since 2012. Hopefully that will change at the weekend when the Cougars travel up to Bradford to take on the Bears.

Next game – @ Bradford Bears – 10th February

7. Edinburgh Napier Knights (0-4)
Four teams faced in the Saltire conference, four defeats for the Napier Knights. With their rearranged games the Clansmen and Predators still to come as well as their games with the Pyros and Tigers, it could be a long February for the Knights. Best possible situation we can see is one win, three losses. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the team ended up going 0-8...

Next game - @ Glasgow Tigers – 17th February

6. Wolverhampton Wildcats (0-3)
Wolverhampton kick started their second half of the season with a 60-6 defeat at the hands of local rivals, the Birmingham Lions. Considering it was just their second game in the team’s history, that’s not that bad (a number of established teams have forfeited against the Lions). Now all they have to do is complete their remaining five fixtures and all will be golden!

Next game - @ Warwick Wolves – 10th February

5. Bath Spa Bulldogs (0-5)
So close, yet so far the Bulldogs as they fell to their local rivals 12-6 at the weekend. Looking at their remaining schedule (Aber, Cardiff and Worcester), we don’t see the Bulldogs repeating their 3-5 season from 2011/12, but there’s a real possibility of the team winning two of their three remaining games. The game against the Royals will most likely decide the winner of the wooden spoon in the SWAC!

Next game – vs. Tarannau Aberystwyth – 10th February

4. Oxford Lancers (0-4)
After a long layoff, the Lancers were finally back in action last weekend as they took on their local rivals OBU in the Cavalier Bowl. A 41-0 loss to the Panthers condemned the Oxford rookies into another week on our rankings and 0-4 record in the ultra competitive TVC. With the Reading Knights coming to town this weekend (the Knights are in a tail spin of their own), we wouldn’t be surprised if the Lancers earned their victory in the team’s history.

Next game – vs. Reading Knights – 10th February

3. Surrey Stingers (0-4)
No game as of yet for the Stingers who begin 2013 two places from the bottom of our rankings. With the RHUL Bears heading to Surrey this weekend, the Stingers may surprise a lot of people in britball and score an unlikely victory to leave our dreaded rankings for the first time in a long time. However, we’re expecting to see them hanging around this time next week!

Next game – vs. RHUL Bears – 10th February

2. Worcester Royals (0-4)
In 2010, Worcester beat Gloucester 38-0 in their inaugural meeting. Since then, the Royals have lost to their rivals 25-9, 42-14, 38-0 and 52-0 following this weekend’s result. To make matters worse, the Royals have to play the Gladiators again in the league and possibly a third time in their usual varsity battle...bad times for these Royals. With four games left to play between this Wednesday and Feb 24th, let’s hope the Royals are able to avoid numerous injuries and play out their remaining fixtures! They still have the impressive record of never forfeiting a game in the team’s history...

Next game – vs. Swansea Titans - Wednesday 6th February

1. DMU Falcons (0-6)
Two games into 2013 and the Falcons seem to be getting better. Against Warwick they managed to get their first points of the season up on the board and this weekend they only lost to the Longhorns by six points. With the 2-4 Outlaws and 0-3 Wildcats left on their schedule, the Falcons still have a slim possibility of moving of the bottom spot in our rankings!

Next game – vs. Nottingham Outlaws – 24th February (we’re expecting their game with Wolverhampton to be played before then)

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