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Week Ten BUCS University Predictions pt 2


Cardiff Cobras (1-3) vs. Worcester Royals (0-5)
Cardiff are yet to play in 2013, but start with a gentle introduction in the form of a midweek fixture against a dismal Royals side.

Whilst these two sides are close in record, I can see Cardiff running away with this as they make their late season charge for a winning record. Worcester looked like they were improving, but conceding 118 points without reply in their last two games suggests that this one could get ugly.
Cardiff by 35

Aberystwyth Tarannau (3-1) vs. Gloucestershire Gladiators (3-2)
Aberystwyth continued their strong run of form with a win over Bath Spa last week, and now sit with a handsome 3-1 record. Gloucestershire slipped back to 3-2 with a narrow, but not entirely unexpected loss to Exeter.

A couple of Aberystwyth players used some choice words to describe our predictions last week – well, when we pick you to lose you tend to win, so don’t complain too much. We would however like to point out that other teams who have criticised predictions in the past have gone on to lose, so be careful!

All this aside, we feel that Gloucestershire are the superior side here, and will take the edge in a well-fought contest.
Gloucestershire by one score (here we go...)

Swansea Titans (3-3) vs. Exeter Demons (2-3)
Swansea are the hottest team in the SWAC right now, backing up a hiding of Worcester with a shock-the-league FOUR SCORE upset of Plymouth. Exeter also come into this game feeling good after overcoming the stubborn Gloucestershire to hopefully begin to turn around their mediocre season.

Swansea are an enigmatic side, being shut out by UWE and Bath before coming out of nowhere to take the major scalp that is the Blitz. Given Plymouth beat Exeter but a couple of weeks ago, the outcome of this game will surely hinge on which Titans side comes to play.
Again, this should be a tight game, but I fancy Exeter’s run game to prevail here and secure them a win.
Exeter by one score

#21 Plymouth Blitz (4-2) vs. #10 UWE Bullets (5-1)
Geez...a four score loss for a team on our power rankings? Take about an ass whooping! Will the Blitz be able to recover from their 50-22 loss at the hands of the Titans? Probably, but I doubt it will be this weekend against the UWE Bullets. A loss to the Bullets will all but end the Blitz hopes of making the post season this season.

The Bullets maintained their pursuit of the SWAC title with a victory over the ‘Cuda in their varsity matchup at the weekend, and with the Blitz reeling after their loss to Swansea last weekend, the Bullets should be able to jump on the wounded team and improve to 6-1.
Bullets by 14

Bristol Barracuda (2-2) vs. #7 Bath Killer Bees (5-0)
Following a 2-0 start the ‘Cuda have dropped down to 2-2 and now look to be out of the playoff running due to the competitive nature of the SWAC (and the ridiculous schedules for certain teams). Add in the possibility of not finishing all of their fixtures and the ‘Cuda’s season is all but done. Maybe it’s time to focus on next season if they can’t win this game.

Bath were unable to put one hand on the SWAC title last weekend as their game was postponed due to the bad weather. Add in the poor performance against Bath Spa, and the Killer Bees may struggle in this game. Should they lose to Bristol, Bath will be in a fierce battle to claim the #1 spot in the SWAC.
Bath to edge the ‘Cuda by 7


#20 BNU Buccaneers (4-2) vs. Solent Redhawks (3-3)
The abysmal weather experienced by the Redhawks last Sunday in their game against the Stags could well have done them a favour in preparing for this game. The unrelenting rain and wind, combined with the Stags starting QB going down in the first quarter meant the Stags reverted to an offence not too dissimilar from the double wing. The bad news for Solent is that they didn't fair to well against it, conceding 20 points.

This week they will have #20 BNU, the masters of the double wing who are hot off their win against the previously undefeated Brighton Tsunami. BNU know if they win they are that much closes to the plate. Solent know that there is little they can do to get any postseason football.
BNU by 6

Brunel Burners (2-2) vs. Royal Holloway Bears (0-5)
Somehow, some way, through some divine act of the Lord Almighty himself, Surrey won a game. Now, really we should all still be pointing and laughing at Holloway for being the team Surrey beat, but because it was such a convincing victory, 26-0, maybe, just maybe friends, Surrey aren't that bad. In fact Surrey put 6 more points on Holloway than the #8 Stags did. So for now. Either way, being winless this season with your last loss coming from the TVC's whipping boys will have to kill any confidence and ambition you have.

Brunel should win this game easy. They have been extremely unlucky with the poor weather this season, with countless postponements killing any momentum in its tracks.
Brunel by 4 scores

OBU Panthers (2-3) vs. #12 Kingston Cougars (5-1)
You have to hand it to #12 Kingston- beat OBU and Brighton next week and they will have made the playoffs as the winner of the TVC or the runner up in their first season, depending on what happens in the Stags-Pompey game this weekend. It's quite frankly scary to think how dominant they may be next season.

OBU came out with a big win against their cross-city rivals the Lancers, but scoring on them is easier than painting the field. It is clear last year was a fluke for them and that Kingston are the better team in this match up.
Kingston by 4 scores

#8 Southampton Stags (6-1) vs. #17 Portsmouth Destroyers (3-1)
This game is the GOTW for the TVC. The results affects the playoff chances of the top 7, and has a massive impact on the tiebreakers for deciding who progresses and who stays at home. This time last week I would have confidently predicted Southampton.

That was until the Stags lost their senior starting QB Dana Neale is an ACL injury.  It will damage the effectiveness of the Stags O but by how much we won't know until they take the field.  Portsmouth have had a long rest before this so will come in fresh.

This is a must win game for them as they have 4 games to complete in 8 days. They follow up this fixture with a midweek tie with Brunel. They are in a good spot for the playoffs but need to win their remaining games.
Southampton by one

Reading Knights (2-4) vs. #14 Brighton Tsunami (5-1)
Both sides have been beaten in consecutive weeks by the team we must not name.  Though according to Brighton they should be 6-0 and the weather, god and the world cost them the game against a team missing 6 offensive starters.

That being said a shoutout win against Reading means they are still in the driving seat for a championship spot with only Kingston remaining.  Reading too claim they should have beaten the team who must not be named but their chances of winning 'The Grumble Bowl' are slimmer. Brighton bring a very tough defence who has held 3 decent offences to just 14 points between them.  The game won't be high scoring but there will be a clear winner.
Brighton by 14

Oxford Lancers (0-5) vs. Surrey Stingers (1-5)
So last week I'm doing some work on my car when the stand breaks and the bonnet whacks me on the head.  While recovering I check on the BUAFL scores and see Surrey beat Holloway.  In a daze I shrugged it off and assumed Holloway had won.

Surrey have lost nearly 340 games in a row and were basically the team that teams didn’t even try to beat, it just happened.  But now you've won a game I'm going to go out and predict you win this one.  I reckon it'll be a MASSIVE clash of the 10 stone titans, with NFL style plays run at quarter speed and jukes so delicious someone might break a tackle.  Good luck in the Super Bowl next season.
Surrey by 50


ARU Rhinos (1-4) vs. Westminster Dragons (2-3)
ARU had to call off their last game against Essex due to injuries, which doesn’t bode well for the rest of their season, however I am sure they will rally to play this game. Westminster seem to have come out on form after Christmas with two distinctive wins under their belts against Imperial and KCL, and when you compare results between these two teams and ARU, it’s not looking too good for ARU.
Westminster to continue their winning ways.
Westminster by 5 scores

#13 UEA Pirates (4-1) vs. #22 Cambridge Pythons (4-1)
Another battle featuring two teams featured on our writer’s poll sees the UEA Pirates taking on the uprising #TeamPHD.

The Pirates hopes of an unbeaten season and an SEC title came to a sudden end last weekend when the team lost 38-0 to the Hertfordshire Hurricanes. Now their hopes of a possibly playoff spot could be coming to an end with Cambridge and Kent sitting ahead of them in their conference.

#TeamPHD are one of the surprising teams this season and now have a real shot at making the playoffs. To do that though, they’ll need to beat UEA in this game before overcoming the Kent Falcons (if they don’t forfeit like last season...). The loss of their top running back due to surgery could come back to haunt the team.
I don’t see an upset here. UEA by 21

#2 Hertfordshire Hurricanes (7-0) vs. #11 Kent Falcons (4-0)

Pretty difficult to write a Hurricanes prediction without trying to say they will maul the other team, but here goes. Erm...Kent have shot of beating the ‘Canes because they’re that good enough? I hope so. If Kent can’t win then Hertfordshire will win the SEC title again, as per usual.
Hertfordshire by 40

Greenwich Mariners (1-4) vs. Essex Blades (3-3)
The Mariners went from bad to worse following a 41-0 loss to the Imperial Immortals, dropping the team to 1-4. I bet the team wish they could go back to the time when the single constitution rule wasn’t in place because the team was pretty good then!

Remember last season when the Blades were in the post season after finishing with the #2 spot in the SEC? Yeah, those were the days. Maybe we should rename this game the ‘remember when we were good bowl’, because neither of these teams have looked good this season.
Blades to win by 10

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  1. Imperial @ Canterbury is rescheduled for this weekend too.


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