Monday, 1 April 2013

ELAF Announcement

More important news regarding the announcement of the ELAF league.

It with great sadness that we must announce that ELAF League Commissioner Olaf Solrip passed away today at 1200. Doctors said he passed away of natural causes, as an anagram of April Fools cannot live past midday on the first of April.

Olaf also kinda sounds like "Oh Laugh"

The ELAF league stands for Everyone Loves April Fools and also sounds like "E Laugh" when pronounced out loud. E Laugh being short for Electronic laugh.

Some of the team names are all loosely related to events that occurred in those cities (Berlin Demolition referring to the Berlin wall, Warsaw Uprising, French Revolution etc)

Finally the logo is taken from the excellent work by Fraser Davidson Sunday Visions logo.


The league page and team name polls were all to add to the charade, we like to go that extra mile with a prank!

Well done to everyone that sussed it out as an April Fools from the get go! You're all very clever and should all get cookies.

Apologies to those that fell for it hook, line and sinker, we hope you learned a valuable lesson today. Always check the date! Don't worry, we only get to do this once a year.

Your regular service will resume tomorrow with the build up to the GB University Lions vs Sweden game.

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