Monday, 15 April 2013

GB Abroad: South-West England to Scandinavia

This summer will be one requiring passports and oversize luggage allowances for 4 members of the Plymouth Blitz.

Offensive co-ordinator Charles Rifenbark will be undertaking a new challenge, taking up the Head-Coaching position of Seinajoki Crocodiles in Finland. It will be Coach Rifenbark's first Head Coaching role and his chance to show his coaching acumen with one of the top Finnish teams.

Coach Rifenbark will be at the Seinajoki Crocodiles. Image c/o 

He will have one friendly face on his squad however, as Tight end/Wide Receiver, and owner of the Blitz's best abs, Blair Gordon was invited to travel to Finland and will carry on learning from his offensive mentor

Blair, using his height, speed, and ridiculous catching radius was one of the Blitz's most dangerous offensive weapons over the last 2 years, commanding consistent double and triple teams. After showing incredible dedication and passion, Blair's hard work under the tutelage of WR Coach Nick Burt has paid off, being named team captain, receiving University half colours and selected to the GB Student trials. 

A summer in sunny Scandinavia is the cherry on a well earned cake.

Blair will be lining up against some of his University team mates, Defensive tackle Malik Mustapha and defensive back Luke Painter, around 27th July as the Crocodiles take on the Jyväskylä Jaguars.

Both Luke and Malik were the Blitz's defensive leaders this year, taking charge of the most inexperienced defence the Blitz had ever fielded.

Malik Mustapha (94) was one of the Plymouth Blitz's defensive leaders
Malik was an absolute beast at defensive tackle, his relentless motor and strength causing endless trouble for the SWAC's offensive lines, beating double teams for sacks and tackles for a loss. He takes his skills from the Cambridgeshire Cats over the North Sea to central Finland.

Luke has become one of the hardest hitting and fearless defensive back's in the SWAC, leaving many a receiver's head ringing after contact. 

After 3 years at Plymouth and 2 seasons playing summer ball for the Cornish Sharks in the Senior League, Luke is ready for a new challenge, even coming over from the dark side and will playing some wide receiver for the Jaguars.

Both players found their way overseas using, putting themselves out there, receiving multiple offers from European clubs, before deciding on the Jaguars.

So it's Hyvää onnea to all 4 on their adventures!

By Tigger Tebb


  1. Strictly speaking, Finland is not a part of Scandinavia. Scandinavia as an accepted term consists of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

  2. have they checked on debters list


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