Wednesday, 3 April 2013

GB Student Lions Interviews: Running Back Adam Hope

Name: Adam Hope
University: Loughborough
GB Number: 30

Hope (centre) carries the ball during a drill c/o Bec Edwards

DC: First off, congratulations on being named to the travelling squad for the Great Britain Students Men’s Program vs Sweden Students. How has the whole process of being involved in the student program been, from applying to trial to now?

It has been an extremely enjoyable process from the very start, through the initial application and the following trials being able to test and prove myself among the best University players has been a great experience, and to be a part of the travelling squad among those players is a fantastic feeling.

DC: With the relatively short period of time between trials and going to Sweden, with limited training which has been affected by the weather, how have preparations gone going into Saturday’s game? 

Despite limited practice time together as a team I feel that preparation has been great for the game. There has been a huge buzz about the entire program and that has helped motivate the team to put in a lot of hard work outside of the classroom and field, be that in the gym or ensuring they fully understand the playbook. 

The Coaches have been available to contact throughout and have done an excellent job in answering our questions and providing feedback from practice film. I feel as ready for Saturday as ever.

DC: Has it been difficult juggling different playbooks being in BUAFL season, and how has the install gone on the Great Britain Program?

The new playbook did prove difficult at first, as I was used to the Loughborough and GB senior playbook where many of the same named plays have different routes and hand signals. But as always with practice I've just about managed to drill it in! This is simply one of the challenges that comes with playing at the higher levels.

DC: How has the Great Britain Program measured up to you own university program?

I have been lucky enough to come from a program where there is a wealth of coaching talent at every position and where our practices are well structured. This has been echoed in the GB practices but with a 'best of the best' coaching staff. 

Practices have been phenomenal - excellent coaching, slick set periods and fun at the same time. I think many University programs would benefit to follow suit.

Hope (right) starts a drill with Running Back Coach Jay Alexander
DC: There are lots of high quality athletes on the squad has anyone really stood out in your opinion? 

The best unit by far is the Running Backs. Flooded with athletes the competition and battle for a starting position is too close to say!

DC: As, well as quality athletes Coach Hill has put together a top notch staff. Do you feel the coaching has helped you progress as a player?

The Coaching staff has definitely helped me as a player. Each Coach has their own style and each Coach picks up and notices different little things where improvement can be made.

DC: What are your expectations of the game this weekend vs Sweden?

I'm expecting a physical and very competitive game on Saturday. I fully respect the Swedish team and have no doubt that they will be an equally fierce competitor. 

Apart from that my focus has been on playing my game and understanding my playing role, and concentrating on what I can affect.

DC: Finally, with the World Student Championships being played in Sweden in 2014, what are you thoughts and what would you say to any university player wanting to be on that squad next year?

If a Great Britain team is entered into the championships next year then any player wanting to be a part of the squad my advice would be to be relentless in making yourself the best you can be. There are no guaranteed spots as there is a wealth of talent within the team. Every day is a school day.

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