Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Shamrock Bowl Conference Scoring Charts

With a superb weekend in the SBC where all games were played there's been some shake up in the scoring charts. 
Will Mckelvey add to his tally when Belfast take the field on Sunday? - photo by Nathan James Sharrocks
Mckelvey is no longer so far in the lead after a huge game by UCD's Colin O'Meara but he and the Trojans have played one game less. Another passing TD by Alex Gurnee double his tally whilst veterans Adam Devenney, Marc Ashworth and Stephen Hayes all got their first passing touchdowns of the year.

Meanwhile Peter Loughran and Simon Mackey are going toe to toe in the rushing touchdown tally on 4 each but a number of players are chasing them down. Gurnee adds to his two passing touchdowns with two rushing scores whilst Darren Montgomery has two also. Alex Newton has only played one game and has the chance to add to his scores this weekend with the Trojans whilst Rob McDowell got his first of the year this weekend. Look for him to be amongst the top scorers come season end.

David Richardson no longer sits alone atop the receiving charts as Paul Geraghty grabbed two TDs this weekend against Cork. Again, Richardson and the Trojans have only played one game and he has the chance to score more this Sunday. Sean Goldrick scored his first this Sunday past, hooking up with quarterback Marc Ashworth for the TD as we've seen many times before.

Special Teams
Alex Newton's punt return in the Trojan's first game against the Cowboys remains as the only special teams score this year.

In a weekend of good point scoring in the SBC, two more defensive TDs were scored, both from linebackers. Kevin Finnegan of the Rebels took a pick to the house whilst Colin Harper jumped on a Cork Admirals' fumble for six points.

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