Thursday, 16 May 2013

All DC Team: Defensive backs

The penultimate article on our All DC University team moves to the guys that do everything backwards. We had a real mixed bag to pick from with ball hawking free safeties to bone crunching strong safeties. Don't even get me started on trying to pick a lock down corner who never had the ball thrown his way over a corner who had a ton of interceptions!

Life as a DB in the UK can be tough with hardly any teams passing the ball around, so kudos to all

Corner backs

First Team All DC

AJ Crabbe - Birmingham Lions
Big time players, step up in big time games c/o Biff Crabbe
A blast from the past as a corner from last years first team makes into into the first team once more. Crabbe has been a cornerstone of a very strong Birmingham Lions secondary that held Derby, Stirling and Hertfordshire's impressive passing offences almost scoreless.

Aaron Olabegi - Hertfordshire Hurricanes

One of the best DB's in one of the best DB units in the country, Olabegi is more than deserving of his place in the first team.

All DC Second Team
Joe Parsons - Loughborough 
Josh Thompson - BNU Buccaneers


All DC First Team
Stefan Rivera - Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Shoelace catch/fumble recovery in the final c/o Biff Crabbe
It's tough to leave out players from Hertfordshire or Birmingham, especially when you look at the quality on both teams. However it wasn't difficult at all to include Stefan in this list. A big hitting safety with an eye for making key plays and came up huge in the final with a fumble recovery (as well as some superb punting).

Matt Doherty Portsmouth Destroyers
100lb baller indeed

Normally most people would be happy with a single nickname. However when you have 44 tackles, 10 interceptions, 2 fumble rec and one touchdown (from a blocked field goal) you draw that extra attention and end up with hashtags like #100poundballer, #ABuck05WhenWet or #GingerNinja.

All DC Second Team 
Liam Reynolds - NTU Renegades
David Collis - Southampton Stags

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