Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Premiership South Power Rankings - Week Five

1. London Blitz (1-0)
This has to be the longest season in a long time, running from April until 5th October, how on earth can we keep up enough material for the power rankings every week! The Blitz have a couple of weeks off to enjoy, before getting back in on the action, however in the meantime their Twitter account has tease us with some rumours of big news, a possible new stadium perhaps?
2. London Warriors (3-0)
Another team with a couple of weeks to enjoy after a 3 game streak are the London Warriors who are sitting pretty at 3-0 having faced (by power ranking) the next two toughest opponents after the Blitz, 25th August is a long way away, but focus has to be maintained.

3. London Olympians (0-1)
Games are in short supply this early in the season, and the final London team on our list is going to have to wait until June to get moving again. This will give them adequate time to recover from injuries sustained against the Warriors (two OL were seemingly badly injured during the game).
4. Bristol Aztecs (2-2)
A return to winning ways for the Aztecs, who I am sure were hurting after two big losses to the big bullies. Perhaps not the margin we thought, but a win none the less.
5. Cambridgeshire Cats (2-1)
The Cats did Bob Shaw proud this past weekend at RAF Alconbury against the Saxons, shutting them out and scoring 28 points (21 was so close!), and have earned themselves a bump in the rankings. The Cats are slowly turning into the team snapping at the heels of the Aztecs and Olympians for the scraps from the Blitz/Warriors banquet, but we have to wait until August for those two matchups.
6. East Kent Mavericks (1-0)
An interesting fixture this weekend between East Kent and Berkshire should allow us to give some more structure to the bottom half of the power rankings. East Kent have got the win over SWW, but Berkshire put up a good fight against the stronger Aztecs.

7. Berkshire Renegades (0-1)
Berkshire moves up a spot on our power rankings after a strong performance against the Aztecs. Keeping their offence down to 20 points and managing a score is a great start for a team acclimatising to the premiership. Expect to see a bump up to #6 if they can eek the win out against the Mavs this Sunday.

8. Sussex Thunder (1-0)
The Thunder have a week off before they face the SWW at home. It will be interesting to see how they face against a team a little higher up the power rankings than Ipswich, where they looked unimpressive on film.
9. Peterborough Saxons (1-1)
We can finally get a yardstick on where Peterborough are in the division. A decisive loss against the Cats leaves the Saxons looking unlikely to get out of the bottom half of the division. Next up they have the London Warriors who on results would be a 86 point favourite heading into the game.
10. South Wales Warriors (0-2)
The SWW are going to need a result to go in their favour in they want to make it into a single digit power ranking, luckily an opportunity to do exactly that is only two weeks away against the Sussex Thunder.
11. Ipswich Cardinals (0-3)
Again, we’d love to bump the Cardinals up, but it seems the fates will not allow it. Their next two games come against the Blitz and Warriors, on back to back weeks, need we say more.

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