Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Aaron Hernandez - he did what?!

Within mere minutes, Aaron Hernandez went from New England star to a future behind bars.

There had been talk of an arrest warrant for days, with police searching the areas around the tight end’s North Addeboro home for evidence, but to actually see such a big name star plucked from his swish digs in handcuffs was shocking to say the least.

But nowhere near as shocking as the charges that were to follow. 

Don’t get us wrong, Hernandez has had a pretty chequered past. At Florida, his reputation as a potential troublemaker - combined with talk of failed drugs tests - damaged his draft stock to the point where he was seen as a late round reach as opposed to the early round playmaker his talent should have suggested.

There was chat of gang involvement and general uncouthness. In short, Hernandez was considered a risk-reward kind of guy.

But this – this is something else. Hernandez stands accused of five firearms offences and the murder of Odin Lloyd, a 27-year old semi-professional player who was dating the tight end's fiancee.

We should have known when the Patriots cut him loose. Bill Belichick doesn’t make rash decisions on emotion and idealism, he makes decisions based on what is best for his football team.

With the amount of insiders the Pats have, they would have no doubt known how serious this situation was.

This doesn’t appear to be a simple case of telling the police a porky or two about where you were and who you know. This is murder.

Now the official charges have been brought, it seems pretty clear cut; Aaron Hernandez is in deep sh*t. 

No amount of skill in his position is going to help him work his way out of this one...

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