Tuesday, 4 June 2013

BAFANL Playoff structure


Highest rank team maintains home field advantage.

Quarters -
Top two teams from each conference.
Game A - 1st in North plays 2nd in Central
Game B - 1st in Central plays 2nd in North
Game C - 1st in South plays 2nd in South Central
Game D - 1st in South Central plays 2nd in South

Semi's -
Game N1 - Winners of Game A plays Winners of Game B
Game N2 - Winners of Game C plays Winners of Game D

Final -
Winners of Game N1 vs Winners of Game N2

With both National Final teams being promoted to the Premier Division for 2014. The lowest ranked Premier team in each conference will be demoted.
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Quarters -
Game A - 1st North plays 4th South,
Game B - 1st South plays 4th North
Game C - 2nd North plays 3rd South
Game D - 2nd South plays 3rd North

Semi's -
Game P1 - Winners of game A play winners of Game D
Game P2 - Winners of game B play winners of game C

Final -
Winners of Game P1 vs Winners of Game P2

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  1. Do you know the dates of the above games?


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