Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Big trouble in little Cornwall?


Comprising 17 players and 1 coach who previously called themselves "Cornwall Destroyers".

We feel it necessary to make a formal statement as certain statements/allegations have been made on various social media by Mr. Peter Hoccom (Hoccum) regarding our leaving the Cornwall Destroyers including a statement in the "stolen" thread on the BAFANL forum that we have left to join the Cornish Sharks and stolen equipment.

We simply want to play football so will make no further comment after we have made our position and the timeline of events clear in this statement. We feel this statement is now warranted particularly following claims on various social media from Mr. Hoccom to recruit players under false promises and making unfounded and untrue accusations against players and coaches in Cornwall verbally.

The group of players now known as the Duchy Rebels AFC made the decision to leave the Cornwall Destroyers AFC of their own accord and for the reasons listed below. Options for the future of the players were then discussed by us as a group and after these discussions, the decision was made to contact Coach Myatt to ask him to join us and resume his coaching duties. As an ex player and very experienced Coach in both American Football and soccer, we valued his experience and felt honoured that he agreed to join us. At no point did Coach Myatt contact any players with regard to transfer of their duties to an opposing team. Coach Myatt had left the Cornwall Destroyers a few days before we left having had a disagreement with Mr. Hoccom, who with no playing or coaching experience decided he knew more about coaching and American football than the one qualified coach in the organization.

Following discussions between the players group and Coach Myatt we formed a new club called the Duchy Rebels and set up our own committee on an interim basis. We had our first committee meeting and the unanimous decision was made that we should make contact with the Cornish Sharks AFC in order to begin building a positive relationship for the future.

At no point prior to this point, were the Cornish Sharks involved in any discussions with the players group or Coach Myatt whilst they maintained any links with Cornwall Destroyers AFC. In fact all the time that we were involved with the Cornwall Destroyers we were told that we were to have nothing to do with the Cornish Sharks who Mr. Hoccom said were totally hostile to the formation of the Destroyers. We were in fact filled with trepidation about making contact with the Sharks because of this but decided it was the correct way forward.

Our subsequent contact with the players and some management of the Cornish Sharks has shown that our concerns were unwarranted and the allegations by Mr. Hoccom about the Head Coach of the Cornish Sharks to be totally untrue, as were many of the statements made to us by Mr. Hoccom about the Cornish Sharks.

Key Reasons for Leaving the Cornwall Destroyers

  • Lack of leadership and organisation along with refusal to form a functioning committee
  • Lack of functional masterplan
  • False promises and failure to deliver with regard to kit, new coaching staff, equipment, sponsorship, website, organisation and committee structure
  • Complete lack of consideration in regard to health and safety or child protection - no insurance of any kind, no CRBs no other operational documentation
  • Removal of coaching staff without reference to the players and no adequate replacement provided

We hope to be left alone now to work to develop strong and positive relationships with other teams in our geographically disadvantaged region and most of all to play football.

Duchy Rebels AFC Committee
For and on behalf of Duchy Rebels AFC

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