Monday, 3 June 2013

IFAF statement on IOC recognition


The International Olympic Committee (IOC), for the first time in American football’s proud and tenured history, considered IFAF for official IOC recognition this spring. This process reviews the statutes, practices and activities of an international federation of sport to determine its conformity with the Olympic Charter.
IFAF was informed on 22 May that our application for IOC recognition will not be advanced to its executive board at its upcoming meeting from 29 to 31 May. IOC officials will however meet with IFAF representatives within the next 45 days to discuss how our federation – which now encompasses an all-time high 64 national federations spanning six continents – can strengthen its application for future consideration.  After discussing our application with IOC officials we will aim to re-apply in October 2013.
American football’s burgeoning international athlete participation and appeal continues to propel the game on an exciting upward path. IFAF and the world’s American football family have great reason to remain inspired and energized by our ongoing dialogue with IOC leadership

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